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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GEEZER Press Release

Geezer and STB Records are proud to announce that we have joined forces to release Gage
(EP) as a special Limited Edition Vinyl Release.

Pat says of STB, “Up until now, Gage has only been available as a digital download. Our
main goal has always been to press it up on vinyl. Ever since I saw their first release, the
Die Hard Edition of Dopethrone’s Demonsmoke, I knew STB was the label I wanted to work
with. STB Records is reinventing how vinyl is packaged, marketed & sold.”

Steve from STB Records says, “I have been a fan of the Electric Beard Of Doom podcast for a
while now.. Once I met Pat and started talking to him it was only a matter of time that we
started to collaborate on ideas. One night he let me hear the new Geezer EP and I was sold..
The rest is history.. STB is truly honored to be a part of the US Doom revival along side
Geezer and The BEARD!!


Geezer: Gage (EP)
Limited Edition of 100 (color vinyl)
Hand numbered, hand screened cover in a hand sewn burlap outer jacket which will then
be hand screened.
Artwork, colors, and other details are still being developed

*The EP will include 2 previously unreleased tracks that are being specifically recorded for
this Ltd. Edition release.

STB Records started in Dec of 2012 on a whim. Since then, it has snowballed into a special
boutique record label specializing in limited edition vinyl pressings of Doom / Stoner /
Psych Rock... with a great cult following. Records made for record collectors by a record

Geezer is the (anti)band... not interested in winning any fashion contest, we just lay down
grooves that make you shake your ass down to the barrelhouse to get drunk, get laid and
get into a fight... Formed in the Hudson Valley, NY in 2010, the original idea was to harness
our familiar background of classic rock, hardcore and heavy metal; throw in Pat’s affinity
for pre-war slide-guitar blues and Geezer was born. Best described as ‘Heavy Blues’, Pat
says of Geezer’s approach, “We just wanted to bring the evil back to the blues, the devil’s

Gage is the follow up EP to Geezer’s debut full length album, Electrically Recorded
Handmade Heavy Blues, which is being released via Blues Blvd. Records (Belgium) on Sept.
15th, 2013.

Current and future STB releases include:

• Dopethrone: Demonsmoke LP - Die Hard Edition Ltd 50 / Standard Edition 200
• Spelljammer: Vol 2 LP Die Hard Edition 75 / Standard Edition 175
• Spelljammer: Vol 2/Inches from the Sun Die Hard Edition Cassette Tape 100
• Traitors Return To Earth: Betting On A Full Collapse Die Hard Edition 37
• DoctoR DooM: DoomO EP (coming soon) Limited Edition of 100
• Brimstone Coven: LP (coming soon) Limited Edition of 250 (Die Hard Edition 50 /
Dooomed.com Edition 75 / Standard Edition 125)
• Geezer: Gage EP (coming soon) Limited edition of 100
• Druglord: Brand New Album recorded by Garrett Morris of Windhand due out winter

Geezer Reviews:

The Sludgelord raves, "Believe me folks when I say Geezer's EP is a work of genius. Stoner
Rock of the highest order...", and goes on to call it, "Brilliant and Highly Recommended"

Nuclear Dog from Heavy Planet concludes, "Incredible musicianship is the hallmark of
Geezer's EP, a worthy, treasured, and indelible addition to any collection."

Joe at Ride With The Devil predicts, “Geezer is quickly becoming the dark horse of the
stoner scene. Given the right exposure, Geezer could soon be on the fast track to blowing
minds across the world.”

Lucas at the Paranoid Hitsophrenic says, "Ridin' down the highway through the country,
the sun spins in the sky creating a warm blanket of light. When that happens, pull over to
the side of the road and press play."

Contact :

Bandcamp: http://geezertown.bandcamp.com/ (FREE Download)
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