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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Brain Pyramid / Colossus

Brain Pyramid: Magic Carpet Ride 

Hailing from Rennes, France this weeks first 'Dose, Brain Pyramid, aren't afraid to compound a pliable blues structure and jazz time signatures in effort to create their own versatile and authentic chronicle in the vast halls of psychedelic and acid rock. Brain Pyramid envisioned a narcotic induced composition and liberated it, choosing the title Magic Carpet Ride. A fitting title indeed. Wasting little time getting your mind's eye operating the trio flick their favorite Zippo and the EP opener Bad Luck is strutting through a discordant jazz based instrumental track with that signature seventies sit-com distorted guitar whurl. Bad Luck is engulfed in a cacophony of rhythmic tidal waves, leaving the guitar submerged in the mix before triumphantly resurfacing. A spoken style of vocals materializes in the midst of the heavy and gnarled chord progression of track two, Stone Woman Blues. This vocal approach is carried throughout Magic Carpet Ride, always buried in the mix and an accoutrement to the bounteous slabs of blues RIFF'ing. The prize of the pack for this listener is Mary Jane Blues, a song driven by a slide acoustic guitar, a whole lot of pluckin' and some old time hand clappin'. The track shines with a south-western sweaty-sheen and character that I admire. The fellas then bounce back to the blues focused grooves with the heavy-weight EP closers Cosmic 1000 Years and Electric Spell. Check them all out at bandcamp where Brain Pyramid are offering the download at a "name your price" cost and a limited edition CD for about $5.00.

Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo - Drums 
Gaston LainĂ© - Guitar // Vocals 
Maxime Ploteau - Bass


Colossus: Wake 

Colossus have chosen well. They've not only chosen a name that portrays the immense structure of their sound waves, they have managed to illustrate themselves, absolutely, in a single word. Which is mind-boggling once your ears experience all the sonic-nutrition encapsulated inside this sixty minute opus. Having released a highly praised EP, in Spiritual Myiasis, and citing a broad spectrum of progressively minded metal heads as influences, this trio are now ready to climb to the next step on the heavy metal ladder with their first full length release and take some of the recognition they so deserve. The album is entitled Wake and fans of Meshuggah, The Mars Volta, and Tool will find themselves cozy while this warm and organic form of progressive sludge metal coats their cerebral cortex. Wake finds itself in the midst of a music battle where burly, testosterone fueled sludge metal face off in combat with a tempo-driven, jazz-paced choreography. Utilizing some middle eastern themed chanting Colossus connect the earthy concepts that flow so bounteously throughout Wake to its bionic essence. Even with all of this strange, progressive fusion, Colossus unify their concept producing a stand-out and loaded album. In the end Wake is simply COLOSSUS. Be sure to check out the first single Pillars of Perennity below or order a copy at amazon or iTunes

Niklas Eriksson - Guitar // Vocals 
Peter Berg - Bass 
Thomas Norstedt - Drums

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