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Thursday, July 4, 2013

LP Review - Los Asteroide S/T

Los Asteroide, from Buenos Aires, are 3 psychedelic amigos that play instrumental workouts loaded with truly inspired desert style riffs and impressive tripped out space-prog in a similar vein to Colour Haze, Naam and Causa Sui.

This, their first and self titled LP opens with a 12:55 heavy psychedelic jam that showcases Los Asteroide's multi-dimensional and perfectly delivered instrumentalism brilliantly and is by far the longest track on the whole album. "Houston tenemos un problema" begins with moon landing samples and spaced out ambiance which sets the stage well for the LP with the remaining tracks carrying on the exploratory and experimental feel to the sound Los Asteroide make. When the riffs come they are hugely satisfying with an unfolding and morphing of the desert style fuzz as the track moves along joined by a guitar lick that quite simply slays. Even though the track is long it really doesn't feel like it and by the end I was begging to hear more. Thankfully there are another 8 tracks of this heavily grooved space-rock to lose myself in and I wasn't disappointed to hear even more excellent riffs and thoroughly slaying guitar licks that just keep on coming throughout the entire album making this self-titled from Los Asteroide a very enjoyable listening experience and a must have release for fans of psychedelic desert/stoner space-rock.

Get it from their Bandcamp now!

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