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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Black Wizard / Cosmonauts Train Trip

Black Wizard: Young Wisdom

With a pure metal attitude Black Wizard emerge from the cold and damp wild-woods of Western Canada like a sleazier, Nordic version of Guns 'N Roses. This four-piece are simply looking for a drink, some smoke, and the right outlets to plug their amps into... and I think the 'Planet can provide those necessities. After experiencing some delays over the past two years Black Wizard have recruited Anciients' guitarist and vocalist Kenny Cook to cover the Wiz's axe-duty. With this welcome addition, maestro and main-dude Adam Grant and company pressed forward and are set to release their debut full length Young Wisdom this Friday (28th June 2013). Want a preview? Well, the Double Dose is the place for you then... 

Beginning with a patient ambiance Black Wizard doesn't so much break the ice, but melt it away gradually, leaving your unassuming conscience in a state of unprepared complacency. Young Wisdom's opening track, entitled Spacer, has an initial movement that unwinds much like a peaceful post-rock intro. Storming through the peace a lone guitar blazes followed by the gallop of the rhythmic cavalry, quickly eliminating your supporting structure. Black Wizard's overall sound is strongly influenced by hardened stoner rock but scrounge scraps from the punk plate, which surfaces deep in their sound in the form of raw vocals and blistering RIFFS. H.U.G.H., landing at track four, was released last year as a single, giving a lucky few a sampling of Young Wisdom's genius. Black Wizard lay the RIFFS on thick with a slow jam, southern inspired tempo. Grinding RIFF after RIFF, H.U.G.H. builds into a ferocious dual guitar onslaught. The repercussions includes mind-numbing head-banging and a party sing-a-long as the instruments fall back into a steady, stoner friendly pace. Danger Dances gives Young Wisdom a dynamic turn. Implementing falsetto vocals and a rolling waltz quality Black Wizard create a light reprise in the very midst of the album which, in turn, create a very Radiohead-esque vibe. Black Wizard roam the many facets of the punk and rock terrain, stopping at RIFF-city in Something Sweet and scaling immense cliffs to the plateau of Wicked Wander

Like a sucker-punch from the frigid north Black Wizard surprised me (much like Black Cowgirl did last year). This time, I'm glad I didn't sit on the chance to get the promo published! With phenomenal artwork and a solid thirty-five minutes of rugged stoner rock you will not want to miss Black Wizard's Young Wisdom. Stoked or not, get over to bandcamp, because the dudes decided to stream Young Wisdom in her entirety!

Adam Grant - Vocals // Guitar 
Eugene "Eug" Parkomenko - Drums 
Evan Joel - Bass 
Kenny "Kendo" Cook - Guitar

I bandcamp I facebook I web


Cosmonauts Train Trip: Dust & A Sunbeam

In a similar vein of Romania's The :Egocentrics, this weeks second dose, Cosmonauts Train Trip, produce a psychedelic breed of [mostly] instrumental rock that will transport listeners on an emotive, hyperspace journey. Cosmonauts Train Trip call this post rock inspired, interstellar vehicle Dust & A Sunbeam. Ignition is engaged with a press of the play button and Lunar Lander, an eight minute mega-track, initiate our maiden voyage. Beginning with a heavily computerized vibration, a sensation of preparation sweeps over us, as a voice speaks over the radio describing the view from Dust & A Sunbeam's cockpit. As the vehicle continues to warm up the solitude and quiet diminishes and a rush of atmosphere suddenly appears with the entrance of the bass, drums and guitar. Now that we've acclimated to this new environment Cosmonauts... have us skippin' galaxies and solar systems. Enjoy two tracks from Dust & A Sunbeam streaming at bandcamp or if you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, contact the band direct here.

Heiner Asmus - Guitar 
Henri Seel - Bass 
Jonathan Schmidt - Drums

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