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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Herder / Temple


Herder: Horror Vacui 

A soundtrack of horrors with ample listen-ability? That seems like a paradox if I've ever heard one. But really that is the only way to describe what Westereen (Netherlands) based sextet Herder are spewing, and yes this sludge is spewed forth with a passion and intensity so thick that it will coat your ear canals for days. Horror Vacui is the title of Herder's 2012 release and with-holds the very meaning of the music that awaits within. Horror vacui, in relation to art, means a fear of empty space. Guess what the one thing you will find very little of here on Horror Vacui is? Empty space. You won't have a moment of airy clarity here, just incessant murky energy that will leave your mind a bit more claustrophobic than it was before you pressed play. This doom and sludge bred bastard is so dense with sound that you will certainly sink in it. However, there is an un-suppressed amount of melody that contains the sullied and contaminated sludge that flows so freely here, bringing ties to the southern groove pioneers like Pantera and Crowbar. Even more potent than the melodic nature of Herder is their signature three way guitar onslaught. While the rhythm section certainly set the momentum and drive each song its these three separate guitars groovin' and thrashin' in unison that set Herder apart from other sludge and doom focused musicians. Check out their terrifying artwork and albums name-sake Horror Vacui below or head over to Reflection Records web-store to order a copy.

BLITZER - Bass // Booze 
JB - Guitar // Sunn 
JEROEN - Guitar // Blaze 
MARC - Guitar // Doom 
NICO - Vocals // Smokes 
TOM - Drums // Fashion


Temple: On The Steps Of The Temple 

A church, a mosque, a synagogue, a temple. These places we, as humans, call holy come in many different names and forms. Universally, though, we find ourselves in these areas for one reason. To dig, to reflect, and to discover more about ourselves and the world around us. Music can also be a tool used to enhance this search, whether it is heard at one of these sites in the form of sacred music, chanting, or even in a place as comfortable as your own living room. Today's second 'Dose uses the idea of a temple in and throughout their debut release On The Steps Of The Temple, even to the point of naming of the band, Temple. This creates a hugely conceptual nature to the overall package (I mean... look at that killer album art!), begging to be explored, just like a temple should. What Temple have done here with On The Steps Of The Temple is combined the atmosphere of post-metal with the intensity and aggression of the most extreme forms of metal. Here, On The Steps Of The Temple your minds eye will be clobbered by an onslaught of percussion via blast beats and good old fashioned heavy drumming. The guitars follow up Temple's percussive drive with introspective passages, sludge-laden RIFF-AGE, and haunting solos. So, take the first stride onto ...The Steps... and patiently listen to what Temple will unravel. Who knows, you may find some answers...

Rich - Drums // Producer 
Ryan - Guitars // Bass // Keys // Engineer

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