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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: VALFADER



Valfader was born in the summer of 2010 at a local drinking hole in Bath and at stage two studios.

Valfader are:

Dean Gaylard - Vocals/lead guitar
Matt Jones - Bass
Gareth Jones - Drums/backup vocals

We're three guys with valved amps, big drums, heavy riffs and appreciate of all things heavy and doomy. We know what we like and we hope that you (the listener) like and enjoy the music too.


"As I return from my vacation and go through an astonishing amount of e-mails, I came across this trio of musicians from Bath, UK. Two e-mails actually. And man am I glad I took the time to listen to this band.  The four songs contained within Valfader's latest album "Whispers of Chaos" is filled with tortured and mystic landscapes which encompass the doom-laden undertones guiding the listener through an ear-thrashing abundance of sonic amazement. The album runs nearly forty minutes, gnawing and twisting through harrowing riffing, seismic drum bashing, and growling vocals all held together by the ominous bass. Even though the music is heavy and aggressive, it has a subtle softness that makes the entire album hypnotic and intriguing. You will not be disappointed after listening to the album closer "Sacred Spiral". Splendid Ambient Doom Metal from these 3 guys from Bath! 

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