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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Album Review: Mother Mars - "Steam Machine Museum"

Back in 2011 Mother Mars released the solid stoner rock album "Fossil Fuel Blues", an hour of heavy rock tunes that displayed ample evidence of significant contributions to the stoner world. They are back in 2013 with another 60 minutes of low tuned pleasure with "Steam Machine Museum", demonstrating significant progress in intensity, imagination, and pleasure in execution, in essence the main qualities achieved by only the finest, most gifted of rock musicians.

Band members include:

Paul Attard - Bass, Guitar
Frank Attard - Drums
Matthew Allen - Guitar, Vocals

Mother Mars hail from Sydney, Australia where heavy rock is no stranger. Beyond that not much background is available on these guys, which simply means they have decided, directly or indirectly, to let their music do their talking for them, and talking is not quite the right term to use for the weight of musical communication levied by these fuzz wizards of distortion. Loud insistence, intense recognition? These guys get your attention with the music they've laid down on their latest release.

Mother Mars delve heavily into loud, low riffs of wall busting riffage, meted out over long, immersible psychedelic overtones that transport you quickly and deeply away from the daily loud dimensions of existence and into a place where distortion and sound wrap you up in a thick, frayed leather cocoon of crackling fuzz, exuding warmth and rapture. This hour is an hour of sheer delight, fret not.

The focus of this trip of enormous proportions is the vehicle upon which you go, as opposed to cookie cutter melodies of sameness and safety. The guitar is the spiritual medium by which we plunge headlong through a vortex of noiseful bliss.

"Down the Line" sets the tone coming in low, and loud, as layers of sound are progressively introduced throughout the length of this energetic romp down reverb river. The vocals are never the focal point, providing only an element of ethereal engagement. "Low Frequent C's" is an instrumental revelation, roaring mightily in sheer stoner rock power that never wanes through 11 minutes of eloquent aggression. "Terra Australis" seethes with unbridled power, smoldering in increasing intensity for most of its eight minute duration, ending with an up tempo Easter egg of indelible intensity.

The price of admission is delivered on 2 marquee deliveries with "Spacegirl" and "War of the Gods", a full 30 minutes between them, chock full of prime musical meatiness with fuzz laden psychedelic gravy. The imaginative execution on these 2 songs is sublime, rendering an atmosphere of splendid enjoyment through big, bold, brain bashing, bombshells of sound and fury. While "Spacegirl" is the beautiful, mysterious prom date taking you on a night to firsts and revelation, "War of the Gods" is the huge, hairy beast lurking just beyond the shadows, eliciting unbridled excitement and danger as you chase it through dark and hairy surroundings.

This is a solid and immensely indulgent album by any measure, a standard bearer for stoner rock, for fuzz filled heavy music, for imagination, and for impeccable execution through occupational enjoyment.

The digital download at Bandcamp includes 8 tracks. If the CD is ordered an additional 2 tracks are part of the bargain.

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