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Thursday, March 14, 2013

EP Review - Boudain

Boudain is a four piece out of Monroe, Louisiana that originally formed in 2006 and this debut EP, some 5-6 years later, consists of 6 tracks of solid stoner/doom metal. I will qoute the drummer here when he told me, "Some would say it's procrastination but the truth is, this stuff just gets better with age."
I wholeheartedly agree.

From the opening tasty riffs of "Slaveman" we are treated to a massive slice of stoner rock pie with grooves baked to perfection and the down-tuned heaviness does not let up thoughout this track, or indeed the whole EP.

"Moonshinin" follows with some slow down, low down doom metal. The vocalist growls gruffly with a venom that compliments the surging crushing riffs perfectly. Boudain show here that they can do the doom thing as brilliantly as they do Stoner.

"King of Cosmos" picks up the pace with riffs reminiscent of Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley. That's always a winner in my book with that particular album by the mighty Kyuss being my favorite. There are some big sounds in this track that come thick and heavy with changes in pace keeping the track varied with an ending that sends us on a cosmic trip to the far reaches of the Universe.

Boudain take us into doom metal territory again with "Trailerpark". The track stomps along like a huge obese monster that trashes everything in its path with wanton destruction. The track picks up in sections that unleash catchy grooves and licks that break up the doom with heavy rock-outs. This obese monster is happy in his destructive impulse but ultimately everything is crushed to bits.

"Kalifornia" gives us some sumptuous and catchy stoner rock grooves that bring on the feel goods. It's a sexy track that had me longing for summer days and outdoor parties under cloudless skies. They can't come soon enough.

Last up is "Just Got Paid" that continues the feel good vibes laying on chunky stoner riffs and grooves and some epic guitar licks. Horn raising, head nodding stuff this is. There are party vibes aplenty with this one and it left me with a goofy stoned smile on my face.

This is a brilliant first offering from Boudain and their 6 years together without a release shows that in that time they have really got their shit together before releasing a high quality EP filled with expertly crafted doom and most excellent stoner rock in the vein of Kyuss. My bong is a prophet and it predicts many more equally high quality releases from Boudain in the future. I for one cannot wait.

The EP is due for release 20th April 2013 but until then a couple of tracks can be sampled at their bandcamp. Go listen!


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