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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Golden Void / Vice Versa

Golden Void: S/T

Shame on me. Here I am again with another fine piece of art that I missed in 2012. Luckily Reg had it covered with his Top 20 list from last year. Golden Void are a soulful space rock group out of the Bay Area, California. Carrying much history between band-mates Golden Void present a well polished sound thanks to the inherent chemistry they share. While listening to their self-titled debut the surrounding vibes become airy, quite a light and pleasant feeling. This in part is due to the cosmic "guitaring" in partnership with aura building keys. The quartet will dive into the depths for bursts of blues driven intervals, held together by the solid (and heavy) bass and drum foundation. Someone studied at Sabbath University. Truly these instruments can go unnoticed, but here a close ear will appreciate the musicianship. Check out Golden Void's music video for Virtue below and order a copy from Thrill Jockey Records while hard-copies (CDs) are still available!


Morgan - Bass 
Camilla Saufley - Keyboard 
Isaiah Mitchell - Vocals // Guitars 
Justin Pinkerton - Drums


Vice Versa: Rehearsal Tapes (Demo) 

Blazing out of the cold Russian sky's are Vice Versa and their lo-fi recorded demo that contains enough noise and feedback to induce the most mathematically inclined metal head into a serve aneurysm. Once a listener takes the time to decipher through the feedback they will find a root of classic blues. Stepping through the demo we find a melancholy lingering through the second track Stranger. This tracks lengthy run time and steady pace will give droners something to get lost in. My personal favorite track is I'm Going Away. This rhythm driven tune is played in that classic blues style and just as the title states, ...Away, the listeners will find the music and vocals seem to be emitting from some two miles away, quite buried in the mix but giving the track an authentic feel. Give the gentlemen from Moscow a few moments of your time and stream the demo at bandcamp. And hey, if you like it Vice Versa is giving it away. That's right... FREE!


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