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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nuclear Dog's Atomic Split: Captain Crimson - "Dancing Madly Backwards" / Supergoddess - "Join the Ride"

Today we play it loud by offering up two very excellent albums of fuzz friendly rock and roll, datelines Orebro, Sweden and Munich, Germany. Both bands have their own distinct, unique, original style that blends in smoothly with the wave of rock and roll that both hearkens to the greatness of the seventies guitar gods and incorporates the innovative, gifted artistry that defines stoner/doom/psych rock of the new century. It's a heavy planet populated by many tremendous musicians and billions who love to listen to them. As one of those billion that appreciates good music please check out our friends from Europe who provide beautiful offerings of down tuned deviltry.

SUPERGODDESS - "Join the Ride"

Hailing from Munich, Germany, Supergoddess have been around since 2009 when Toby Amaro and Seb Leone, one sporting a guitar the other a bass, founded the band after playing around together for awhile, inspired by the history of Toby's home town of Landsberg am Lech, where G.I. Johnny Cash first put together a band of his own. After 3 years of playing together and adding the final two pieces to the Supergoddess puzzle with the gifted guitartist Moe Cassidy and the superb drummer Ivy Moore, the first album, "Join the Ride", a blues and boogie infested romp of fun and energy, was released, displaying hints of that long ago band founded by G.I. Cash.

Supergoddess display a unique proclivity for playing music that is bright and joyful, shedding tons of scorching bright and white hot rays of musical energy with a deftness and pleasure that is addictive and immensely pleasurable. The guitars are loud and strong, distorted and loose to just the right level of fuzziness, while the bass thumps hard and the drums punch true.

A couple of the most notable tracks include the song "Green and Gold", an up tempo, down tuned rocker that plays well cruisin' down the highway or cranked to the max in you favorite dark, sudsy tavern. The hottest track on the album kick starts it all off from position #1, "Cast Your Spell", a voodoo spell of a song that pretty much delivers as advertised, casting a great cantrap of guitar magic, of boogie and heat, cranking out a measured and mighty riff laden rock bomb that will have you stompin' and jumpin', bangin' and twangin' along with Moe's superb guitar work and Toby's raspy vocals. The fun continues down the track list, culminating in the searing heat of "You Could Have Told Me (I Was Stepping on a Voodoo Doll)", where the boogie intensifies, and the riffs explode along with accompaniment from Toby's adept and audacious harmonica, and the sharp driving punches of Ivy's drumwork.

All in all, Supergoddess provide some furious fun on their debut album.

Supergoddess have a series of behind the scenes videos on YouTube for the making of the "Join the Ride" album. While some of it is in German and some in English I suspect they can be enjoyed by one and all.

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CAPTAIN CRIMSON - "Dancing Madly Backwards"

The great music of the seventies, the stuff that evolved from a myriad of sources and beginnings into perhaps the greatest musical era of all time, is fully and reverently evoked on Captain Crimson's "Dancing Madly Backwards". The album's name is even derivative of that great time, allegedly taken from a song by the great seventies band Captain Beyond. Listening to this album will take you back to those days of dropping vinyl and eliciting huge, amplified magic from the tiny needle interface, to a time of incense and bell bottoms, of long hair and longer sideburns, of music that offered an incredible amount of enjoyment by producing sounds and experiences that brought forth the very essence of your core being, evoking a primordial rhythm that reverberated through the cables of your being.

The joy and energy experienced by the members of Captain Crimson can be seen in the way they play, with high energy and unbelievable dexterity. It can also be seen in the incredible songs they have put together for "Dancing Madly Backwards", a collection of highly intelligent music in which each track is bursting with hundreds of forays, ditties, riffs, solos, and jazz-like runs, all intertwined on top of and blended within precisely measured melodies of grace and skill. You can run through these songs a hundred times, enjoying each and every time through, and discover something new and clever each time, something that fits just perfectly and is a glorious revelation that evokes wonder and delight upon discovery.

This music has a lot to offer, fitting neatly into a number of categories . . . seventies derivative rock, heavy rock, stoner or doom rock, psychedelic rock, high desert music, guitar heavy rock, jazz like heavy rock . . . you name it, this rock and roll collection seems to have it, and what it has, in any category, is a uniquely high level offering of some of the finest music you are likely to come across . . . well at least in one day, until tomorrow's Heavy Planet Sunday Sludge. But this album is a keeper, something you will likely want to add to your personal collection so you can play it as you are rockin' down the highway, or whenever great rock is needed.

There are 9 songs on this album and each one of them is a candidate for favorite track. To me it's a hallmark of talent when an artist is able to remain within a style or genre, playing what is familiar, yet still able to conjure something new within those developed and established confines. That is true genius, because that is often the hardest thing to see . . . something new within what has already been done. So, creating 9 tracks that each fit nicely into the style established by the very first song and each one sounding fresh and exciting is a quality of note, a quality that Captain Crimson display with obvious enjoyment.

Captain Crimson, hailing from Örebro, Sweden, includes members:
Andreas Eriksson - guitars
Mikael Läth - drums
Anders Tallfors - bass guitar
Stefan Norѐn - guitars, vocals

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