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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: HOGG


Other than their lineup, Hogg must allow the tunes to speak for themselves. No fucking bio anywhere, which only adds to their allure. This four-piece from Salonika, Greece clearly loves their beer. It's safe to say, judging by their track titles, they also hit the green. Lucky for us, they also love crunchy stoner jams.


It's not gonna take you long to fall in love with HOGG. Loaded with thick, flowing jams nodding due East to acts like Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, and Kyuss, you're sure to twist your chin-pubes and bob your buzzing skull to these ten tracks. I stumbled upon these guys and immediately choked on fuzz, nonchalance, and groove woven within the album's endless forest of rhythm and flattened enchantment. Loaded Dice is straight-up Fu Manchu style, while the thick Orange Goblin-esque Forest of Despair oozes Coup de Grace rhythms and channels an inner cloud-jumper. Sounding campy when they want and pensive when they need, Hogg churn and roll like yesterday's bad decision. Put these Greeks on your radar. There's an expectation stoner-rock carries, and Hogg crumple the expectation and beat-off with it. We love a band that isn't in any hurry. And these dudes, as evidenced on jams like Catapult, are clearly in no rush to slow the fuck down and take it all in. Thank fucking Hogg for bands like this. That "Name Your Price" invitation means you should stop being a cheap cunt and buck up on the props. I want Hogg playing in my backyard.


Cobas G: Vox & Donkey Farts
Snail B: Guitars & Incoherent Behavior
Panos: Bass & Fluid Excretions
Dead M: Drums & Mule Kicks

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