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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Big Wheel Stunt Show / Nightosaur

Big Wheel Stunt Show: Wonderful LIFE 

Finally, another excellent concept album! I live for these, so without further ado Heavy Planet presents... Big Wheel Stunt Show and thier latest release Wonderful LIFE. Native to Tacoma, Washington this quartet combines the love for funk and traditional blues with a whole lotta soul. If you're looking for an operatic narrative that hits the lines with psychedelic rock, heavy blues, and a good dose of organ Big Wheel Stunt Show is your band and Wonderful LIFE is your album. The story is told from birth, beginning with the cry of our main character's infancy, through aging, alien abduction, and finally the after-life. Check out the video for Bad Thing below and get a copy here.


Andy Basinger - Organ // Back-up Vocals 
Evan Nagle - Guitar // Vocals 
Jake Melius - Bass // Back-up Vocals 
Justin Gimse - Drums // Back-up // Lead Vocals


Nightosaur: Spaceaxers 

History states they've been extinct some 65 million years. Don't buy it, because there are a few roaming the terrain under the moon-lit sky of Minnesota and recently reared its ugly Tricera-head on Heavy Planet's Smoke Out Sunday. The beast I speak of is no other than Nightosaur who've come to crush your skull with their sophmore release Spaceaxers. The band desribes the sound as dino sludge and fossil rock, which is exactly what you're going to find... mammoth riffs, thunderous drums, and sharp hooks. Something about it all together feels very ancient. Check out my favorite track is Too Far South For Muntiny below... an angry and fast paced jam telling the story of a mutinous voyage to the south. The track There May Be Dragons, the single featured on Smoke Out Sunday, is available for free here and if that doesn't get you a fix the entire album can be downloaded on iTunes, Spotify, and all the expected online stores. 

**Andy Webber, lead guitarist, custom manufactures Nightosaur's guitars under the name Whale Hazard Unlimited, something completely awesome and should be noted**

Andy Webber - Guitar // Vocals 
John Henry - Bass // Vocals 
Brad - Drums // Vocals


  1. We all know how good The Big Wheel Stunt Show is but didn't know about Nightosaur. Excellent band, excellent music!

  2. Agreed Bufftbone, this release could be in the top favorites for 2012!

  3. One hell of a double dose. Love 'em both.


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