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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Cult of Occult / Town Portal

Cult of Occult: S/T 

Cult of Occult are a group of French extreme doom'rs and have manipulated what we once would have consider down tempo sludge. By regurgitating this sound, they have created a violence intimidating enough that Hell's demons would retreat at the noise. This is largely due to the hostile vocals, spewing forth a deafening repression. And I dare don't say this, overlooking the instrumental pieces. They are all there, combined to simultaneously dismantle and devastate through heavy riffing and grooves. Download your damnation at bandcamp, courtesy of Cult of Occult.



Rudy Alleyoopacid 
Gary McDoom 
Johnny KingDoom 
Jean Claude VanDoom

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Town Portal: Vacuum Horror

Town Portal "The shape of funk to come." I like that, so we'll roll with it. I'm not too sure about funk, but Town Portal's debut EP Vacuum Horror is full of grooves and rhythm (maybe that is their translation of funk, and if so I like it) . Town Portal is a post rock, well rather than getting into all that genre bending... Town Portal is an instrumental band from Copenhagen, Denmark. This threesome have studied and earned a doctorate in rhythm and melody, and a quick spin through tracks like Rosini and Salut is sufficient proof for this listener. These songs belong up with Pelican's latest Ataraxia/Taraxis... elegant, textured, and cohesive. Each musician and instrument vibe and feed off one another, accentuating their ability in creating intoxicating melodies and harmonies. Listen to Vacuum Horror, streaming entirely at bandcamp and stay posted for their full length, due out later this year.



Christian Henrik Ankerstjeme - Guitar 
Malik Breuer Bistrup - Drums 
Morten Ogstrup Nielsen - Bass

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