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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zac's Double Dose: Eidetic Seeing / KozybunX

Eidetic Seeing: Drink The Sun

We haven't dabbled to much with Heavy Psychedelia here at the Double Dose, and upon stumbling onto Eidetic Seeing, now is as good a time as ever. Eidetic Seeing formed in 2009 in Brooklyn and recently released their debut album Drink The Sun. The songs are fuzzy and rely on Sean's [Forlenza] cosmic guitar tones. Danilo's [Randjic-Coleman] bass is always present and never over-shadowed, adding depth to the spacey climb out of this galaxy, while Paul's [Feitzinger] drums keep this journey in time. Paul also incorporates all necessary waves and frequencies expected during inter-galatic travel with his synthesizer work. Tracks from Drink The Sun are now streaming at bandcamp and soundcloud, check them out and enjoy the haze.


Danilo Randjic-Coleman - Bass
Paul Feitzinger - Drums / Synthesizer
Sean Forlenza - Guitar

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KozybunX: Practice Room Demo.N

Poland reliably delievers some of the best doom, sludge, and stoner metal in the world. This is no easy task, knowing the Europe in its entirety has bestowed us with just about every heavy music genre known and loved today. KozybunX are another one of Poland's finest, mastering the low frequencies category. If you're looking for some ground-breaking and progressive doom, you've come to the wrong band. Rather than reinvent doom, KozybunX pummel your brain-stem with simple, slow, heavy riffs and have replaced any sort of lyrics with vocal samples, which can be quite terrifying. Check out their epic Hex (Deep Sleep) below. A digital copy can be downloaded at bandcamp.

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