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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Cliches 831: New Band To Burn One To

HEAVY PLANET presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"...THE CLICHES 831.


Sam (guitar/vocals) and Jas (drums/vocals) were raised in the slums of Santa Cruz and their only salvation was listening to Wu Tang and Stooges albums. Obviously their record collection expanded with age, but they would never forget where they came from. One day in 1996 the two brothers were walking down Ocean street and found a brand new set of drums, guitar, and halfstack on the side of the street. They immediately started playing ear splitting rock and roll. Did they invent the garage style? No, but they could have. Fuck your yankee blue jeans.


"I have always enjoyed the fact that a band can be so minimalistic and yet have such a huge attitude. An attitude that spark a flame under the ass that is Rock and Roll. These two dudes from Cali-for-ni-a play a stripped down and very raw punk-inspired form of garage rock. Never has a band described their sound so dead on..."The sound comes from a fuzzy, broken take on rock and roll. The energy comes from punk rock. The spirit comes from the garage. Take it or leave it, but you should probably take it."...I think I'll take it! Check out their version of 90's one-hit-wonder Marcy Playground's "Sex & Candy". Fuck yeah!"


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