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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: NIGHT TERRAIN



Night Terrain is a three piece band based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, featuring a sound that is hard to nail down. The riffs can go from slow, sludgy and droning to uplifting or face melting within a heartbeat. The mission statement is to make music that conveys the human condition and can appeal to just about anyone while sticking true to its postmetal and doom metal roots.

Night Terrain sounds like your cat is being skinned in the next room, but leaves you wondering if you are just imagining the whole thing, or if you even had a cat at all. Night Terrain's debut EP is available now, titled "DYSSONIC" and features 5 fully-formed tracks, they plan to record a full length album this fall.

Dave. -- Originally from RI, with the pretentious metal scene of Providence and Boston burned into his brain. Never satisfied with a sea of hardcore and anythingcore bands, officially gave up on that scene in 2006 before going into seclusion in Albuquerque where his focus shifted to capturing the atmosphere of the desert with the ringing of six strings.

Joe. -- A drummer-turned-vocalist who returned to his roots behind the drum kit to start up the Night Terrain project brings with him years of experience structuring songs and keeping everything from falling apart.

James. -- The last piece of the current puzzle that is Night Terrain joined the band in the summer of 2011, bringing a crushing clarity to help add a few more bricks to the wall of sound. Comes from the uncharted waters of the band Gnossurrus with years of experience that is backed up by his tone.

"Chugging along ceremoniously through an amalgamation of dreamy guitar passages, doomy riffs and steadfast drum beats, Albuquerque 3-piece Night Terrian takes you on a gilded path to post-metal euphoria. There are many mood swings amongst the tempo changes and as is the case with many post-metal bands, there are no vocals. Check these guys out at the links below!"

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