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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: BLACK BOMBAIM



Can a power trio change a city in 2010? Can a band in these times of doubt and uncertainty drag others from the comfort of their couches (and TV Parties of this world) into the chaos of stages run by infernal riffs? The answer is, probably yes. Black Bombaim have done more for Barcelos in the last years than its local symbol, the Rooster has done in decades of history, and now, with “Saturdays and Space Travels” they write their name with golden letters in an imaginary wall, the same wall that has the name of all that make Rock an unpredictable and more exciting universe. Everyone knew that on stage, Black Bombaim were an explosive cocktail of demonic riffs and powerful hooks; what they didn’t knew was, even though after a promising debut EP, these guys from Barcelos would be able to confine in vinyl such a stoner and psychedelic discharge. From side A to side B there’s no time to breathe. There’s only time to pick up the shrapnel of unforeseeable explorations; where Ron Asheton and the Stooges take to the limit the chaos from the final disorder of “T.V. Eye”, where the Rock frees itself from decades and decades of rules and conventions. Can that way a power trio change a city in 2010? We don’t know, but we’re thrilled to get there, ridden by forbidden riffs and eternal feedback.

"As the echoes of feedback spiral around your head, a sonic psychedelic freak-out is masterminded by three dudes from Portugal known as Black Bombaim. Red-hot effects-laden guitar leads are complimented by a steady exotic rhythm and a driving bass line. The band keeps the listener's interest by injecting dynamic tempo changes, rabid grooves, and oh did I mention the fucking amazing guitar prowess of a man simply known as Ricardo. These guys will give Tia Carrera a run for their money anyday. Check these guys out now!"



  1. They are magnificent, but new band? A cracking demo (about 15 tracks I think), some astounding stuff on that and then a great album surely shows they've been around a while.
    All I need is them to tour France now.


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