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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): CHOKE THE PALM TREE

CHOKE THE PALM TREE is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Choke The Palm Tree was born in Pansdorf, not far away from Luebeck, Northern Germany in spring 2010, when Fabian Kunze and Roman Riemann startet a new project which was supposed to be a stoner rock band. First there hasn’t even been either a band name, or a bass player. They startet having fun with some riffs inspired by Kyuss, Astroqueen and so on. Since they thought they didn’t need a bass, they weren’t looking for one. One day when they had a little too much of Jacky, they startet writing a list of band names they could possibly use. When they were done, they picked their name without discussing. So they kept on playing and after a few weeks they were thinking of a bass player, so their good friend Fynn Heinsen became part of Choke. After writing enough songs to play a show, they started playing concerts and had a really great resonance. Weeks later they started touring around their region, playing at bars and clubs, so they got more and more fans. Most people were amazed because their genre wasn’t that spread anymore. In one year they had a lot of concerts, wrote over 20 songs, recorded their first album called “Stone Or Rock?” (official released on May 20th 2011) and in June they’re playing at their first festival called “Valhalla Festival” in Schleswig, Northern Germany.

Their style is somewhere between stoner rock, metal, even a bit of punk. But most of it is supposed to be stoner rock and the audience also recognizes it. Now with their first album, they’re shooting 12 tracks their first self-produced cd through the galaxy and hope everyone is enjoying it!

Latest tracks by chokethepalmtree

"As the warm fuzzy guitar and heavy muddled drop-tuning makes the hair on your neck standup, Choke the Palm Tree from Northern Germany takes you on a scorching desert journey which includes sun-drenched stoner rock grooves, a bit of psychedelia, boorish vocals and an obscene amount of blazing-hot riffage. Get burnt!"

If you would like a copy of their latest album "Stone or Rock?" please contact the band here.


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