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Saturday, September 24, 2011

CD Review: Catapult the Smoke - Born in Fire

Catapult the Smoke - Born in Fire

by Zac Boda

I'm back to deliver you some heavy, doom laden, stoner rock from Sweden.  Allow me to introduce to you Catapult the Smoke and their latest treat "Born in Fire"  BiF is the perfect follow up to their freshman production "Unearthed", sticking with meaty stoner grooves and a solid fifty five minutes of jams Catapult the Smoke will not disappoint those looking for The Heavy.

The band consist of a trio or Swedes.  Tobbe Larsson takes care of the pummeling percussion and vocals [which I must say make a perfect fit] and Totte Martini [guitars] and Mange Lindhardt [bass] keep the heads banging with fat licks and fuzzed out bass lines.  Meld this concoction with '70s rock influence and we have a barrage of heavy entitled Catapult the Smoke.

Lord of the Broken Throne was the first track to stand out and really grab me by the throat.  Add a little cowbell percussion to an intoxicating rhythm groove and I will sit in trance and ponder the universe (fitting, upon seeing the album artwork).  I'm not sure what all the lyrics are, but I like this. 

Underworld, with its calm and trippy intro and sludgy chomping guitar make this track an easy favorite.  Totte's guitar transitions really bring Underworld full circle.  The interlude changes pace, thanks to Mange's fuzzy bass-line, and finishes up blending into a heavy finish, with Tobbe's bombardment of drumming and shouts.

Lords Gathering...  Where do I even begin, hell I can't even describe it, just head bang.  The repetitive licks, rhythm, makes this seven of the most enjoyable minutes of my day.  The onslaught begins quite humbly only to be taken over by, what is by far my favorite riff of the album.  Lords Gathering changes up around the five minute mark adding much texture and depth.  Because of songs like this, I love this job. 

I couldn't say it much better than the band says it themselves, "Catapult The Smoke brings you heavy ass stoner rock from the deep forests of Sweden."  If anyone out there is looking for a no filler, non-stop, heavy stoner album with riffs upon riffs upon riffs, Born in Fire is the album for you.  I also must add, the production on this album is phenomenal. 

In my opinion, I give Born in Fire a solid 7 out of 10. 

Mange Lindhardt - Bass
Tobbe Larsson - Drums & Vocals
Totte Martini - Guitars

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