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Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): APOTHEOSIS

Wake the fuck up!!  APOTHEOSIS is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Morning Buzz...


Mark Reynolds: Drums/Vocals
Nick Shallcross: Guitar/Vocals

Focused on what makes music truly heavy, Apotheosis has shucked all of the fancy-pants crap and made a torturous soundtrack for planning your own funeral.

Mark and Nick were introduced in 1992 and within an hour were writing music together. For the next 9 years they wrote and recorded several albums worth of material as the band Tomorrow, which played a melodic sort of prog-doom. Hindered by a lack of musicians that were willing and able, their vision remained largely unrealized and they took a break from 2001to 2008 while Nick lived in DC. Immediately after returning the two started working together again, and within a short amount of time Apotheosis was born.

The idea was this: to take all of the old material they had written, strip out all of the nonsense, and let the power that had always been buried come through. Away with the complex arrangements for multiple guitars, vocal melodies and harmonies, extra band members, shredding solos, lyrics, and other luxuries. No longer encumbered by the at times overly cerebral nature of metal, the songs were able to breathe.

Being satisfied as a two piece also opened a lot of avenues for the band. There became much more room for improvisation, not only in riffs themselves but in arrangements as well. This gave birth to their distinct style of vocals, which is almost entirely improvised. This allows the energy to be what is felt at the moment, rather than trying to modify their emotions to fit the song. The entire structure is only loosely arranged, giving freedom to the tremendous energy that can come from spontaneous metal.

There are currently four albums being completed by the band, the first of which is called 'Husk'. Although not officially released it is available for download at apotheosisdoom.bandcamp.com. There is no specific date for the remaining three releases, however the second, tentatively titled 'Impassive Hearts' should be available before winter.

"These may be the two most brutally tortured voices I have ever heard in my life. Mixing writhing in pain vocals with guttural vocals this duo from Toledo, OH known as Apotheosis play as slow as you can go. Plodding, punishing, and bleak as hell this is not for the weak at heart. Apotheosis plays doom metal in the most raw and truest sense of the word."


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