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Monday, August 8, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): BANDITO

BANDITO is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO" Evening Buzz...


In the Italian language Bandito means ban, but in popular culture it just means bandit, villain or miscreant. Bandito sounds like a 70’s muscle car, a dangerously growling 4 wheeled monster that mushes through you grandma’s freshly raked garden, dragging everything on its way into the dark abyss.

Bandito, that’s hard rock like hard rock should sound! Raw, rocking, honest and vile. This quintet combines influences from Kyuss, Down, Truckfighters and Atomic Bitchwax, all of this executed with a 70’s hard rock style attitude.

This band combines fat double-barreled guitars, a throbbing bass, banging drums and a fervently singer who shouts his lungs out to rock so tight and sexy as the tiny shirt betty page has on and as energetic as a Mexican fighting dog on amphetamine.

On their untitled debut EP, which saw life late 2009, Bandito hammers her vile rock in your face so hard, that your hair spontaneously starts to wave. Now they have a sequel to their first EP, namely “II”. On this plaque of vinyl Bandito shows that they have grown in their sound. More solo’s, everything destructing guitar-riffs and deafening drums will make you bang your head even harder.

In 2009 Bandito took the head and spectators price in the Roos van Nijmegen contest, so they continued to the next and the next contest where they showed everybody they meant business and took the head prices there too. The rest of the world has met Bandito in the meantime, they have radio airtime from Ireland to Mexico.

This five headed rock monster has showed lots of stages home and abroad that they put on a very rough and complete rock show. Bandito has played festivals including De Affaire, Hunten- pop, De Gesel van Gelderland, Back 2 School Festival and Rock Royale. Stages wich have been burned down by their energy are the likes of Doornroosje, De Willemeen, De Groene Engel, Het Bolwerk and De Melkweg.

Hard rock from the upper shelf with double-barreled guitars and rough, hoarse vocals. Fine feeding for the hard fuzz loving hard rock fan.

"Usually this is where I like to add my two cents, but the bio pretty much says it all. This is stoner rock at it's finest people. Both of the band's EPs are available for free download on Bandcamp now!"



1 comment:

  1. Oh yeah, man,..gimme the BANDITO!
    You related to BRENDA HUNTEN?
    She the one related to BRENDA BURY?
    Got a tip of the day from SALLY.
    She says TORONTO burned with BUNN.
    And not only that, she says MP3 and GAMMU MPR is like totally KILLA COLES.
    BUSH, he ain't doin' so well , neither.
    He got a GRACESCH and RASESSA bitch in CAPPERS.
    So you tell RESSINE- MADSIN, CAPESSIN gonna DITCH.
    Something to do ' bout DANADELAMAR .


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