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Monday, June 27, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): No Anchor

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features No Anchor.



1. No Anchor is a band comprising of two bass players\vocalists (Donovan
Miller and Ian Rogers) and a drummer (Alex Gillies). The band does not
have a guitarist. Guitars are way too cute for No Anchor.

2. Real Pain Supernova is the band’s new album. It can be described in
journalistic prose-writing as such:
a. The band’s third album. They’ve mad
e three albums;
b. The band’s second album. The first album was a bit shit. It was
more of a fancy demo than a debut album;
c. Their fourth album. They put out a live album last year;
d. All of the above.

3. The album is a double vinyl LP because the band hates money.

4. The members of No Anchor come from flood affected Brisbane and are
Flood Heroes TM.

5. In the same time it took to make the Real Pain Supernova, Donovan’s cat
Teeny made nine kittens. Kittens are not too cute for No Anchor.

6. The digital MP3 version of the album will be legally free to download
from the band’s website (www.noanchorband.com) on May 9, 2011. The
band would like to stress here and now that this instance of them giving
away their album is NOT an indication that they consider music to be
‘free’ (hippy bullshit) or ‘without value.’ To the contrary, they think music is worth billions and billions of dollars but, unfortunately, they don’t consider what they do to be music. They think of it more as punishment. You are being punished.

7. Everyone likes the band. Everyone. Thus the band have played shows
with OM (US), Monarch (France), Zeni Geva (Japan), Eagle Twin (US),
Magic Dirt, The Nation Blue, Daniel Striped Tiger (US), Sixfthick
and Whitehorse. One time they even opened up for Jason Forrest (US)
at a festival. That guy’s a great guy.

8. The songs contained on Real Pain Supernova have no literal meanings. If
you’d like to interpret the songs one way or the other, you’re welcome to
print these interpretations as journalistic fact.

9. No Anchor is a strong believer in the D.I.Rad ethos. They feel there’s just no point doing anything unless it’s radical, especially if they have to do it themselves. It’s kind of like DIY except without the underpinning of 30 years of American entrepreneurialism and cultural fortitude.

10. The members of No Anchor are in your house right now. Alternatively
you can email them here: noanchorband@gmail.com

Brisbane's post-rock/sludge trio No Anchor are a unique band to say the least. First off the band needs no stinking guitars, two bass guitars and a drummer that's it. No Anchor incorporate a fuzz-filled feedback frenzy into a whirlwind of post-rock elements, grungy goodness and hardcore sensibilities. Imagine if you will a sludgy cranked up version of The Pixies.

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