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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Black Helium

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Black Helium.


Black Helium are a London based psychedelic rock band born from the drug damaged minds of Becky Blitz- bass/vocals, Jared Fisher- drums and Stuart Gray- guitars/vocals. The music they create is heavy psychedelic rock in the vein of Neu, Mudhoney, Hawkwind, and Melvins… although they would never freely admit that.

The band have been playing, with various line-ups, for a few years, but it is only through the departure of their last drummer that they decided to dedicate more time to their music. This newfound dedication has taken the form of a decision to record one song a month, and to release it with a psychedelic video.

By doing this they have created a continuous flow of musical and visual creativity, which they hope is evident in the music they have released thus far.

This is not a band under any delusions of fame and fortune, and their only goal is that some like minded people will spark up a J and watch one of their videos, and that they continue to make music that they enjoy playing.

Add a dash of Sonic Youth, sprinkle in some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and blend it with fuzzy guitars and some spacey psyche a la Hawkwind and you get an idea of what Black Helium sounds like. Their music is heavy but in a trippy sort of way. Tons of reverb, howling guitar solos, swirling keyboards and a steady driving beat add to the trip. "Primitive Fuck" is superb! Suck in some Black Helium today!


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