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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heavy Rotation: Superchief|Batillus|Trifog

I went over to CDBaby last week to check out what they had new and found some pretty badass CDs. If you have never been there it is a great resource of new music discovery. There is anything from old classic releases to new bands that you may have never heard before. I love this site! This week I will feature a few bands that I recently discovered while searching on CDBaby and just can't get them out of "Heavy Rotation". Enjoy!

Superchief-"Corporate Dynamite"

Rock and Roll music is, has been, and always will be what SUPERCHIEF is about. It all came about in the fall of 2008, when two guitar players Jason Monroe, and Riccardo Terranova, who had been playing together for a couple of years decided to elaborate on a musical idea that they felt needed to see fruition. Through some experimenting with various local musicians to fill in the gap of the then, blues-based sound, the two guitarists began to transform, slowly but surely, anxiously awaiting where the road would lead. It was then, in the fall of 2008 that the band’s new direction was found. Bassist, Jason Boten was added to the roster, followed shortly by drummer, Ryan Marcum, both of whom auspiciously replied to an ad in Craigslist, seeking to quench their rock-draughted thirsts. After trying out a number of singers, the four guys grew disenchanted and skeptical, thinking they would be unable to find the missing puzzle piece to fulfill the “SUPERCHIEF” sound they felt the masses needed to hear. When hopes were fading, in enters JT Strang. JT came into audition and blew the four of them away. His vocal punctuality, his stage presence, his range, coupled with a healthy dose of moxie gave SUPERCHIEF just what they needed. All the ingredients where there, now how to mix the ingredients... (Read more...)


I was turned onto this band by one simple thing: they rock. Slow grooves and great riffs fuel this band's fire. Really, need I say more? Crack open a beer and go take a listen.




The world is blurry and out of focus. It's cold and it's bleak and people need ways to escape its harsh reality.

"Real heaviness has a way of not only acting as an intense emotional release, but also giving you the sensation of being overwhelmed and swept along by an overpowering force," says Batillus bassist Willi Stabenau. "If you've ever gotten chills from hearing a really great riff, then you know what I mean."

It's catharsis," adds drummer Geoff Summers. "The reality of the world is pretty grim, people are fucked up, and this is sort of a way to get away from all of that for us."With songs that move from bristling blast beats to subterranean crawls, Batillus (buh-till-us) cohere the extremes of heavy music into a surge of massive riffing, rolling over and descending on the listener with the force and intensity of a sudden storm.


This is some truly epic shit! Massive riffing swallows you into a never ending wave of heaviness. Let Batillus become your next favorite band. Check them out!


Trifog-"If I Could Change My Ways..."

Over the last four decades, many genres and sub-genres of rock and metal have come and gone, but one such genre has stood the test of time: DOOM. Bands like Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Electric Wizard are undeniable proof of this fact. Now, with the recent resurgence of Doom in the form of Space Rock, Sludge, and Stoner Rock, it seems as though Doom may truly be a permanent fixture--not just another passing fad. Perhaps this is because it embodies everything for which heavy music stands.

Rising from the ashes of Chicago-based metal outfit Cursed at Birth, Trifog began as the brainchild of guitarist Justin Anderson (Urethra Franklin and the Ghetto Children) and bassist Dave Katzman in early 2004. The two focused on creating a band that emulated what they admired most about Doom, Sludge, and Stoner Rock. "As fate may have it, my interest in the Stoner/Doom genre was rekindled just before the demise of UFGC," says Justin. "I wanted to be part of a band whose work wasn't confined to one simple style of music,” adds Dave. Later in 2004, Justin and Dave recruited drummer Chris Wozniak (Lair of the Minotaur, I Klatus, Blood of Martyrs) and lead guitarist Markus Launsburry (Nachtmystium, Blood of Martyrs, Vasana).(Read more...)


This one goes back a few years to 2007. Quite frankly, I had never heard anything from this band before. Why that is, is beyond me. These guys brought the Doom, complete with a touch of psychedelia and soaring vocals. It is unfortunate that the band is no longer in existence, but thanks to CDBaby they are keeping the dream alive. Listen to them now!


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