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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Sludge: Godhunter, Red Herring, Circus Grenade

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Sludge. We have three awesome bands on tap for you guys to check out.

First up today is Godhunter. Godhunter is a stoner/thrash/sludge unit from the deserts of Arizona. Trouncing everything that stands in their path, the band has been gaining momentum by playing energetic live shows and getting their track "Teargas" added to the Zia Records "Zia's Local Music Compilation Vol. 5" in which all proceeds go to Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation.

"The Sonoran Desert is a cruel, harsh and unforgiving mistress. The music made by the Tucson band Godhunter perfectly embodies these qualities. They blend equal parts thrash, sludge and doom, then temper them under the unrelenting desert sun. The final result is a symphony of scorched earth, an opus in self abuse, apathy and rebellion. They may wear their hearts and influences on their sleeves, but the music is still incredibly honest. This isn't a death of a thousand tiny cuts. This feels like being dried out to a hollow husk under unforgiving skies. These guys are easily one of the most promising bands to come out of Tucson, perhaps the entire Southwest, in quite a while..." (Jesse Vence-Lost Highways)

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Next up is Red Herring. Red Herring is a progressive sludge band from Greenville, SC. Their eclectic tastes run rampant throughout their songs combining down home southern rock with thick rythyms and sonic blasts. The vocals are clean for the most part albeit a tad gritty at times. The band is still searching for their sound a bit but in due time that will come. The band has currently secured a spot in the local Battle of the Bands competition. Good luck!

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And last but not least we have Circus Grenade. Circus Grenade is a hardcore sludge band from Lockport, NY. This band absolutely tears it up. Brutal and aggressive with a ton of crunch. Check'em out!

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