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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-The Sun Through a Telescope

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is The Sun Through a Telescope.


The brutality and ugliness of metal. The minimal beauty of ambient electronic music. It occurred to me that these two seemingly disparate styles compliment each other so well. This is the kind of music I wanted to be making. Something along the lines of JESU. But I wanted the heavy element to be slower, uglier, and more hypnotic . I wanted the ambience lifted right off of a BRIAN ENO album. Or STARS OF THE LID. Fuck it. But I went with the BUDDHA MACHINE . It sounded perfect. Once it arrived in the mail, the songs came fast. Nine songs in total over the summer and fall months of 2007. This past winter, the songs were tracked and assembled by PHILIP SHAW BOVA at Bovasound Studios in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Then they were off to New Jersey, where JAMES PLOTKIN did an immaculate job with the mastering.
Nine songs split into two EPs. The first EP is called "ORANGE". The second EP is called "GREEN/BLACK". Both EPs are sold together as a double-cassette release.
Available for purchase from DWYER RECORDS  and for digital download from BANDCAMP."

The Sun Through a Telescope is the vision of multi-instrumentalist Leigh Nuetron. This is real mindfuck music. The layers of sounds leads you to believe that there is much more to the "band" than one guy. Is this new age music for metalheads? At times the music can be so soothing but then you are thrust into a pool of sludge chanelling every last breath you have to get out. Then once you do get out you are thrust right back in again. I found myself getting more intrigued the more I listened . The production quality of both albums are remarkable. I really don't know what else to say other than... Go listen for yourself!


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