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Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Alunah

The band formally known as Aluna combines elements of Stoner, Doom, and Psychedelic grooves, pair that with inspired female vocals and you have the aptly named Alunah. The band has been around for a few years and has participated in such compilations as Stonerrock.com Vol. 8 (2008), Droning Earth Vol. 13, (2008), and  Planet Doom Vol.1 (Doomanoid Records 2010) amongst many others. The band has also toured with the likes of  Trouble, Orange Goblin, Nebula, etc. On December 6, 2010, the band will release its debut album  "Call of Avernus" for Catacombs Records. Right now you can pick up your very own copy of their latest EP "Fall to Earth" to wet your whistle.

Review of "Fall to Earth" by Tobias Beament, Planetfuzz.net

Wow!... Acid king has a twin sister!!!

If you love Acid king and worship Black Sabbath you will jump up and down from joy when you hear what Alunah has to offer on this three tracker!

This UK army of four fronted by female singer Olivia (Soph) is very hot indeed, it's like getting laid. On Alunah's debut ep 'Fall from earth' you get three reasons why you need

to get this as soon as possible, heavy, fuzz laden, down tuned and sexy... yeeeeaaah yeeeeaaah!

I got amazed when the first track started to spin, the beautiful 'Spend my time' opened my heart and i fell in love with this band right away. Alunah's gift to the riff gods are superior, this is first class, basic and grinding riffings (which i adore) with a tasteful psychedelic mix of fuzz rock and doom. 'Fall to earth' is a love session from start to finish... simply once you're in it you're hooked.

Please 'Show me how' you do this (last song) cause this is fabulous and this is definitely my favourite on this ep, i can't get enough of it and i'll keep spinning it over and over again, what a great start on this crusade toward the high mountains. (Read more...)

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