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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Releases For 2/2/2010

Here are the new releases for 2/2/2010.

Priestess-"Prior To The Fire"

"After much industry ballyhoo Priestess released in 2004 what is widely regarded as one of Canada's greatest hard rock debuts ever Hello Master. Unlike most hard rock/metal bands that relied solely on ballast and blast to sear their message into gray matter Priestess had a special trick up their sleeve they could actually write a song that could walk the rope between being infectious and downright viscous."

Skullflower-"Strange Keys to Untune Gods' Firmament"

"2010 two CD release from the British Industrial/Experimental band led by Matthew Bower. Strange Keys To Untune Gods' Firmament evokes Wagnerian sonic bombast, a Nietzchean worldview, and a warlike cry of rebellion against the false, encased in a whirlwind both psychotropic and psychoacoustic. Each spin brings new themes to the forefront. Not easy listening by anyone's standards, Strange Keys is not for the faint of heart--but those willing to submit and immerse themselves in the deep, thick waters of self-transformation will be greatly rewarded."


Creature With the Atom Brain-"Transylvania"

"Creature with the Atom Brain was founded as a one-man home recording project by Belgian Aldo Struyf in between stints touring with Mark Lanegan and his own band, the Millionaires. Now morphed into a full time project, Creature s sophomore album, Transylvania, it is actually their debut North American release. Transylvania finds the band going in a more melodic and reflective direction by while simultaneously maintaining their musical core as defined by references to psychedelia, 70s prog, Hawkwind, 13th Floor Elevators, July and Erkin Koray, as paired with African rhythms; a striking stand-out from most contemporary independent music.

Bringing an additional rock pedigree along with credibility is Chris Goss's mix of Transylvania the man in the producer and engineer s seat for bands like Masters Of Reality, Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. And while the album credits list additional collaborations with Mark Lanegan and Mr. Chris Goss, Transylvania stands on its own merits as well."


Droids Attack-"Must Destroy"

"Droids Attack long anticipated third album. A nine song rift fest of road tested metal anthems previously unmatched."

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