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Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Domes Of Silence

The "New Band To Burn One To" is Domes Of Silence from the U.K.

After the exploratory period of acclaimed first album, "Mescaline", the UK based Domes of Silence have got cozy with riff based brutality. Vocalist Sean Parkin has embraced the raw unpleasant truth giving a message of personal pain backed up with sludge roots grind rock. This deep stone core sits astride a raw garage template and hollers defiance and indifference.

Domes of Silence formed in the last year of the 20th century but the important thing is in 2009 the Domes have distilled down to the purest form. A simple drum kit locks Alex Lane into the grind bass of brother Charles. Long time producer and collaborator Richard Aitken joins Carl Bickley on guitar via two fuzzbass amps for a final 15 inch coned assault on the deep.

Domes of Silence have survived. Conflict, indifference, illness, addiction and multiple lineups. Issues. The truth is that before 2009 the Domes were searching.
Now they have found. Hot and bruised. The veneer of studio gizmos have been stripped back to reveal a grown up, honest and heavier sound. Since their first album - Domes of Silence have concentrated on developing a steady, unflinching and dead eyed live sound. It was only after this live "right of passage" and enlightenment that they decided to go back into the studio. They sit in the same stone circle as Lowrider, Clutch and Kyuss but with no designs on cloning. They take cues from the Doors and, fuck it, let's throw in Raw Power era Stooges - but they aren't retro wannabes. Eclectic? You bet - but these sounds are what you'll find on the Domes of Silence'
turntable ...... psalmic psychedelia? brutal beat? hot heat?........... the Domes of Silence.


Help these cats out and buy their music here.

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