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Monday, October 5, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Dirt Communion

"For some bands, metal is nothing more than a career move, a uniform to gain fame. That isn’t the case with Dirt Communion, a groove-meets-doom band from Reno Nevada that write and play like true fans. Dirt Communion plays what they would want to hear themselves if they were in the audience. Because of that, they are standing out among the metal-by-numbers crowd.

Luckily for them, others agree. This includes fellow fans and the local press. As the Reno News and Review said, “Any listener who appreciates pure, unadulterated, classic metal riffage, can’t do anything but bang his head with approval.”

This group of Reno vets started in fall 2007 when guitarist Tony Ashworth and drummer Logan Spurling decided to form a band with Southern drive and a dirty downbeat. There wasn’t really a band like that in Reno. Tony asked friend and prominent local guitarist Eric Stangeland to join up and the trio started writing songs soon after.

It took well over a year to find others committed to Dirt Communion, but things settled in fall 2008. That summer, Eric’s friend, vocalist Mark Earnest, was singing Sabbath covers with another local metal band. Eric and Tony then asked him to join. Still needing a bassist, Mark asked his friend Dan Bishop to complete the lineup. As it turned out, Dan also wanted to play this style of metal.

From the get-go, Dirt Communion brought together catchy riffage, earthshaking tone and a dynamic stage show to quickly earn a devoted Reno following. Encouraged by this galloping start, Dirt Communion recorded with local engineer Chris Finley and decided to release a digital EP in summer 2009, with another digital-only EP to follow later in the year. Both EPs will be on a combined CD release in early 2010. Dirt Communion also plans to play outside of Reno, with California, Nebraska and Colorado shows already on the books."

Therefore, Dirt Communion is the "New Band To Burn One To" today. Check it! This is some killer shit!


"Good southern sludge from western Nevada seems about as likely as a new Michael Jackson/Edward Kennedy duet album, but goldarnit, I can't deny the soul evinced by Reno's Dirt Communion. The band's bluesy sludge touchstones -- Corrosion of Conformity, Down, Kyuss -- are pretty obvious. So is their talent. This stuff requires a tightrope walk down the line between behind-the-beat sloppiness and deep-pocket groove, and Dirt Communion get it right. They specialize in dirty rhythmic swagger -- songs like "A Trip to the Slaughterhouse," "Bombed (Last Call)" and "Rebuilt for Speed" swing titanium ballsack riffs low and slow, with a ragged guitar solo 3/4 of the way through the latter that twirls frantically and dissolves into distortion. Dirt Communion write better boogies than songs, and singer Mark Earnest (discovered while singing "Fairies Wear Boots" in a Reno cover band, natch) occasionally lives up to his last name too well, considering the nastiness of the music. Didn't you heed pappy Anselmo's lessons about the benefits of cigarettes and thick coatings of phlegm? But ya know, if I ran into Dirt Communion playing in a bar somewhere, I'd stick around to listen to their whole set. That's more than I can say for a lot of signed metal bands that I'd pay to see. I like my sludge metal like I like my women: with a fat bottom end. Hey-o!!!" (Etan Rosenbloom - Cerebral Metalhead.com)

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  1. Kick ass tuneage! Thanks for turning me on to these guys!


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