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Monday, October 26, 2009

Heavy Planet Needs Your Help

Over the past couple years I have come across some of the best bands that I have ever heard by writing this blog. When I started this blog I really had no idea what to expect. I knew that others shared my love for music, but I guess I was a bit naive because there are a lot of bands from overseas that have found my little blog to help promote their bands. Also, when I started this blog I had a ton of time and would post news, reviews, etc. everyday. Now I am lucky if I have the time to post once or twice per week. Please do not get discouraged if I do not post a feature on your band right away, I will eventually get to it. Also, if I do post a feature on your band the least you can do is reply with a simple thank you. I truly appreciate all the e-mails that I get stating how much you enjoy the blog. A few things that I hope to do in the future are 1) making an archive of the "New Bands To Burn One To" and 2) getting back to posting an "Album Of The Week" along with an archive for that as well.

I have a few questions for you guys and be honest.

1. Would you like to have new release info. posted here or do you go elsewhere?
2. Would you like news stories to be posted here or do you go elsewhere?
3. How often do you buy from Amazon.com or iTunes or do you just prefer to find elsewhere and if so where?
4. Do you ever click on banner ads or advertisements?
5. Would any of you be interested in helping out by posting reviews, news, etc.?

Thanks for your time and honesty.

\mm/ ~Reg~


  1. Let's see.

    1. Yes, it it's worth checking out.
    2. doom-specific news? yes. I read about a zillion other generic metal news sites.
    3. hahaa... Megaupload.
    4. Honestly, no.
    5. If the job was small, perhaps. (Like helping with an archive)

  2. Here's my 2 cents:

    1. Always. I have discovered a few bands thanks to you.
    2. I come to this site first before I head off to check out other stoner/doom related websites so I do miss you posting news etc.
    3. Amazon once in a while. Itunes, never. I don't mind buying stuff. I usually go to Hellride.com or a local record store.
    4. Depends on the add content, but most times no.
    5. Sometimes I discover a band or 2 that I'd think you'd like or haven't covered, so yes.

  3. 1. Yes, why not? if not here I will try to find them elsewhere but it's better to have news here
    2. Same as above. More content is always welcome
    3. Never bought from digital stores, usually buy at concerts or second hand.
    4. Never
    5. no.

  4. 1. Yes, especially Doom.
    2. News is OK, but I'm more interested in reviews and interviews.
    3. Amazon once a month, iTunes never. I also buy from stonerrock.com
    4. Usually no. I do click on record label and band links though.
    5. No.

  5. 1. Yes, there is always new stuff here for me to check out.
    2. News is good but not at the expense of reviews or interviews.
    3. Go to much cheaper places.
    4. Only if of interest to me.
    5. Not much use there as I get most stoner/doom reviews and news from here!


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