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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Heavy Planet Followers Rule!

To all of those that follow Heavy Planet each and every day , I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your attention and dedication. I know that as of right now there are only 24 of you, but you are the 24 most important people to me and are the reason why I keep plugging away. Most blogs/websites have a staff of people to provide all of their posts while I do it all by my lonesome. I am a true music lover and know that many of you are also.

One of the features that I have on my blog is to promote new, exciting, original sounding upcoming bands. I cannot believe that any band would not want free promotion in these trying times. It is also baffling to me that many of these bands do not thank me nor duplicate my promotion on their Myspace pages or websites, I see that as being inconsiderate.

I do not write reviews of these submissions because frankly I do not have enough time to do so. I believe that just having the exposure to 300-600 people per day is worth a few hundred words. It only takes 1 person to suggest a band to a friend and then hope it spreads like wildfire. The internet is a very powerful tool so use it to your advantage.

I listen to each and every one of the bands that send CDs to me and have become a fan of many of them, bands that I would never have heard if it were not for this blog.

So going forward, keep the submissions coming and when I do post a feature on your band be kind enough to return the favor. Thanks!



p.s. The first Heavy Planet follower to send me their mailing address will receive a very cool grab bag.


  1. We hope you ll keep up the good work Reg, hopefully there will be more feedback and more appreciation! Thanks!

  2. Thanks bro! And thanks for being with me from the very beginning!

  3. Much appreciation!! I love the blog and do check it everyday. Keep crankin' out the news!!

  4. cheers & thanks!

    not here everyday but dropping in at least once a week.
    keep up the good job!



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