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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Album Of The Day-Skyron Orchestra-"Self-Titled" (2004)

The Album Of The Day is the 2004 self-titled release by Skyron Orchestra.


Retro rock 'n roll. A woman singer with a husky delivery that recalls Grace Slick. Hard-rockin' instrumentals that are led by guitar and organ. This is hard-edged rock that makes no secret of its nostalgia for the old psychedelic / progressive sounds. In fact, the band describes itself as 5 musicians being born far too late.

Well, just as the mountain wouldn't come to Muhammed, so Skyron Orchestra must take a nostalgic leap back in time and go to the '60s. And the result is very effective. The production quality is very good, yet it isn't over produced to the point that it stifles that edgy retro-sound. The omni-present organ is central to this music, and forms a rich backdrop to every song here. And yes, that's "organ," not "keyboards," and it's played by a female artist, which is somewhat unique. The guitar work is old-fashioned and evokes the guitar gods of the past. Listen for the excellent solo in "Call It Love" - it could have come right off the stage in Monterrey or Saugerties. Yet this very American sound was generated in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The lyrics are a little naive and not as poetic as they might be, marred by ESOL grammar and idiom, but the stories and the themes they convey are refreshing.

This is 42 too-short minutes of nostalgia and fun. Oh, the music is all original, but the vibe is very old - and had me smiling and nodding my head and wondering why I ever let my oh-so-correct, oh-so-suburban wife throw out that old tie-dye.

You can't listen to this music without thinking of Jefferson Airplane, or perhaps The Doors. So cast your mind back to the groovy days of the psychedelic rock of the Woodstock era and rock on! (Duncan N. Glenday, Progressiveworld.net)

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Track Listing:

01. Free ride 03:20
02. The tunnel 03:52
03. Call it love 05:12
04. Earthy ground 03:09
05. Soft Palate 04:01
06. Nobody's diary 04:21
07. The doll 04:24
08. Exploding mind 03:10
09. Pax aeterna 06:37
10. Alena


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  1. Retro/Psychedelic sounds promising. Will give it a listen back home. My colleagues at work aren't compatible withh this blog ;)


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