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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Swamp Room Mania Details Revealed

From Elektrohasch Records

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, September 20 we`ll celebrate the fifth Swamp Room Mania festival at the Kafe Kult (www.kafekult.de) in Munich - organized by Colour Haze in cooperation with Elektrohasch Schallplatten.

Line Up
The Freeks (the new band from Ruben Romano (Nebula), featuring members of Zen Guerilla, Earthless, Monster Magnet, and others)
Colour Haze
My Sleeping Karma (presentation of the new album!)
Cherry Choke (the new band of Mat Bethancourt (Josiah, The Beginning, Kings Of Frog Island) 60`s psychedelic rock from England)
Alix (IT - rock)
Majmoon (psychedelic post-rock, M√ľnchen)
Solrize (stoner from Wien)
Stonebride (stoner/sludge/doom from Croatia)
Coogans Bluff (stoner rock from Rostock)
Plus DJ Walter (Roadburn Festival) and Lightshow Freshlight

Doors at 16:00;first band is on at 17:00; tickets 18 Euro

Tickets can be reservated at info@elektrohasch.de.

For travelers: we`ll provide a place for you and your sleeping bag, plus breakfast - as always (please tell me your requests for this in advance).

Elektrohasch News
EH 006LP: Colour Haze - All DLP
The regular edition is available. Two LPs of 180gr. vinyl, heavy cardboard foldout cover and a nice price

EH 006LP: Colour Haze - All Deluxe DLP
The deluxe edition is in print. It took me longer then expected to get this going, as always... Now there are two printing works and a book-binder involved - we all had to sort out how to do this because also for the printer it`s first time, so this took quite some time of discussing and planning... it`s going to look like this:

* The records are the same as the standard version you can already buy - 180gr. black vinyl high quality pressing. Audiophile cut directly analog from the original mix tapes (sounds much better then the CD).

* The cover will be a book-cardboard cloth binded in linen with impressed gold letters and a real passe portout. Inside of this we`ll glue two covers for the records on which we print the motives you can see in the FOC of the regular DLP and add an extra page (also cardboard) with lyrics and stuff - of course I`ll add handnumbered stickers, the issue is limited to 500 copies.

EH 113: Josiah - Into The Outside
Remastered and limited to 500 copies the second album of UK`s fuzz rock kings is available again reissued by Elektrohasch.

EH 125LP: Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1
Causa Sui started a new project in which they`ll release a series of great free psychedelic hippie/stoner/spacerock-improvisations on vinyl only. The first release of this new line is Summer Sessions Vol. 1. Limited and hand numbered edition of 500 copies; of course 180gr. high-quality pressing and heavy sleeve... Don`t miss it!

EH 124: The Kings Of Frog Island - 2
Scheduled to arrive in mid-September is the second album of Mat Bethancourt`s (Josiah) magnificent side-project. If the blues was invented in 2008, it would sound like this! Ten brilliant tracks between blues, gospel, stoner, and doom. An outstanding album. A limited and hand-numbered edition of 500 LPs on 180gr. High quality vinyl will follow in October.

EH 126: My Sleeping Karma
The new album from My Sleeping Karma is going to be released on CD at the Swamp Room Mania. LPs of the new and the first album will follow...

You can listen to a first premastered track here.

Upcoming releases on Elektrohasch
We are working on the re-release of the long sold out first three records by Saturnia (we also plan something on vinyl here) and the sold out first Sgt. Sunshine on CD. Furthermore Elektrohasch is going to release the masterpiece by Los Natas - Ciudad De Brahman - on LP for the first time ever - one of the ten stoner rock classics everybody should own!

We are also working on a DCD + DVD Box featuring this years fantastic Duna Jam happening, which we plan to release in winter. Including live-recordings of Baby Woodrose, Causa Sui, Josiah, Dyse, Rotor, Colour Haze, and more.

I also didn`t forget the Colour Haze live album. When I`ll find the time in autumn I hope I can work on it again and mix the recordings of further shows to complete the audio material...

Additionally (and most probably much earlier) the recording of the Colour Haze show at this years Burg Herzberg Festival - www.burgherzberg-festival.de is going to be released by Herzberg Publishing and will be also available through Elektrohasch.

You`ll find a Live Stream of the complete Colour Haze Rockpalast show here.

Best wishes,
Stefan Koglek

For more information, including tour dates, visit www.elektrohasch.de.

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