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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Øresund Space Collective To Get Inside Your Head

Sulatron-Records, the record label run the psychedelic underground mastermind Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana), is very proud to present you it`s very new release by Øresund Space Collective, Inside Your Head.

This is the fourth CD by the completely improvisational space rock band from the Øresund region in Sandinavia. The band is made up of members from Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Malmo, Sweden area. The music on this CD was recorded at the Black Tornado Studios during the same sessions as the infamous The Black Tomato CD. It was also mixed by Grant Master Henrik Udd and the jams were turned into a 70 minute psychedelic music collage by Sula Bassana.

The music on this CD is meant to take the listener on a musical journey in sound and space. Leave your normal life behind, close your eyes and fly into the unknown reaches of your mind. The music is meant to get Inside Your Head and give you a pleasureful and unique listening experience. One beautiful thing about the music and the trop is that is not predicatble. You don`t know where it is going or what you will hear. You just go with the flow of the band. Sula did a brilliant job of placing the tracks in a perfect order for a nice psychedelic flow and creating a unique segue between the tracks. We think all people who like intstrumental psychedelic music will really enjoy our new CD.

The artwork is taken from MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) pictures of the human brain. All of the song titles are specific areas of the brain as well. Choose your favorite.

The players were: Magnus - space guitar, synth; Tobias - space guitar; Sebastian - space guitar; Michael - bass (track 4); Jocke - bass; Søren - drums and percussion; Scott - synths; Mogens - synths; Ola - synths, Fender Rhodes.

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