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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Slowtorch

What's up people? Here is a great band for you to check out! They are called Slowtorch and hail from Italy.

Here are a few reviews of their latest effort "Adding Fuel To Fire"

Review #1:

"One doesn't usually think of Italy when talking about the Stoner Metal movement, but perhaps they should if more bands like Slowtorch start popping up. These guys fit right in with bands like Cathedral, Zeke, Dozer, Electric Frankenstien, Ironboss, Black Label Society, Entombed and Motorhead. I don't completely like the term "Stoner" for them as they lean more towards the "Metal", especially in the guitar. Bruno Bassi plays a more Metal style and is really the backbone of the band. There's also a fair share of double-bass going on and the songs are uptempo which again separates them from the "Doom" style. I personally prefer this side of the "Stoner" genre. Slowtorch would go over great at a bike ralley like "Sturgis" with songs like "Dirt Track", "Sixwheeler" and "Another One Down". I'd be very surprised if we don't hear more about this band in the future, hopefully being from Italy will have caused them to be overlooked. (Rock and A Hard Place)

Review #2:

Taking a look at the metal bands from Italy, one finds plenty of power/symphonic metal, some gothic, black, and death metal as well, but practically nothing in the realm of stoner rock. Enter Slowtorch, whose Adding Fuel To Fire is a gritty, dirty, heavy rock album, more straight metallic than the psychedelica of many stoner bands, something like what Kyuss used to do very early in their career. Short and to the point (really, this is more an EP than a full album), Fuel might be the start of something interesting. (Brian Russ, BNR Metal Pages)

For fans of Scissorfight, Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Clutch and other bands mentioned above.


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