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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Album Of The Day-Hail!Hornet-"Self-Titled" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is the 2007 self-titled album by Hail!Hornet.


"For those that get tired quite quickly with all the building by the hour post-rock and the lack of message and understanding from instrumental rock, here we come with some pan fried Southern solid stoner doom sludge (you can use either or all of these sub genre names to describe Hail! Hornet’s material) rock from the experienced hands of members of Beaten Back to Pure, Weedeater, Sourvein and Alabama Thunderpussy. First thing that comes to mind; for a stoner band Hail! Hornet sounds quite pissed; the vocals of T Roy Medlin (Will to Mangle/Sourvein/Emeral Vulture) come as angry as they can, like an enraged drunkard who is looking for a fight with anyone, no matter what size they are. Pissed, angry and dirty, plenty of facial hair and quite possibly, armpit smell to suffocate on.

But the music itself is quite fast, for a stoner/sludge/doom band anyway; chunky riffs that move with outstanding agility (“Drunk Tank”), in this particular track was it not for the girth of the guitars it would have been a straight ahead punk rock track. As a contrast, “No Solution” opens acoustically (“Foxy Fuck”) only to get heavy through mid tempo grooves, double kick drums and the rowdy unsophisticated approach of Medlin. Handling the drums is Alabama Thunderpussy’s Erik Larson, while Beaten Back to Pure’s Vince Burke can’t contain himself and moves quite fast through this self-titled debut. The rumour of the existence of Hail! Hornet was out back in 2006. At the time the name that floated around was Vagabond. Once the rumour came to fruition all that was needed was some bourbon. More than likely, more than some. Hail! Hornet’s ten tracks punch below the gut more than sting. Solid fast and pissed stoner is perhaps more accurate. Swampy sludge fits them nicely too." (DeafSparrow.com)

Track Listing:

01. Believe in Black
02. Golden Whore
03. Drunk Tank
04. Foxy Fuck / No Solution
05. Devil's Hound
06. Nerves
07. He Who Walks Behind the Rose Bros.
08. Concussion Conspiracy
09. Life's Riddle
10. Swarm of Malice



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