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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beneath Oblivion to Release New Material

Ohio doom trio Beneath Oblivion is having a 10” record released in the early fall by the Mylene Sheath (www.mylenesheath.com), a label that exclusively releases vinyl records. The record will feature two new songs, titled “One Year of Deprivation,” and “No Man or Deity.” There will only be 500 copies pressed in three different colors, and it will play at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity.

The two songs on the release were recorded at Litterbox Studios by Andy Perkins (24hourflu, Hilltop Distillery, Mala In Se) and then sent to Watchmen Studios in Buffalo, NY to be mixed and mastered by Doug White (Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Psyopus, Every Time I Die, Tearwave). The artwork for the album which was done by artist Nate Shumaker came out nicely and can be seen at www.northernlightsindustries.com/folio9.html. The songs will later be released digitally via iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, etc, as well for those of you wish to listen to the songs in any format other than on a turntable.

For more info on this release go to www.mylenesheath.com or email at info@the mylenesheath.com.

In other news, the band’s 2006 full length CD, Existence Without Purpose, is completely sold out. EWP was a self released CD pressed and packaged by the band themselves; they are very proud of the release and it has gotten great reviews in the underground but the band has no intentions of having the album repressed at this time. Beneath Oblivion would like to move forward and focus on future releases rather than repressing something they have already done. Any labels interested in re-releasing Existence Without Purpose or people who wish to have a CDR copy of the record may contact the band at beneathoblivion@yahoo.com. To hear a couple of the songs from ‘EWP’ as well as the songs from the 2007 split 10” with Sin of Angels released by 43rd Parallel Records go to Beneath Oblivion’s myspace page at www.myspace.com/beneathoblivion.

Beneath Oblivion is currently working on new material for their next full-length album which they have not set any kind of definite timeline on yet. The release will be as heavy, disgusting, and melancholic as any of their other releases with their own blend of crusty doom metal, and more info on their full length will be released when the time gets closer. The tunes being released by the Mylene Sheath are somewhat of a preview for the full-length.

Beneath Oblivion at this time has not made any plans to tour again but will do so as soon as the newer material is closer to being finished. They are doing some shows on occasion around their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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