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Saturday, August 23, 2008

American Dog Plans DVD

Columbus, Ohio-based band American Dog, featuring former Salty Dog bassist Michael Hannon, has issued the following update:

"We`re currently taking a break from live shows to concentrate on putting together a DVD. We have tons of live stuff from France, Belgium, Germany, Japan and the US, backstage activities and behind-the-scenes stuff and all of our promotional videos. We are still compiling, so if you have any cool live or backstage videos you`d like to contribute, Please e-mail us at americandog@americandog.us. We hope to get this DVD out by November or December. Live shows will start again in October."

American Dog`s video for the song "Sometimes You Eat The Pussy…", taken from the group`s latest release, Hard, can be viewed here.

The clip, directed by Rob Kern for From Out Of Nowhere Productions, takes the attitude and beer-fueled insanity that is American Dog and boils it down to three minutes that would make Larry, Moe and Curly proud.

"Normally the majority of our video budget goes towards beer," Michael previously explained. "This time we spent half our budget on a midget."

Michael wanted to let it all hang out for this video. "I had an idea to bring back the old David Lee Roth style of videos, so we tracked down Kat The Midget Entertainer and went right to it," he said. "The only thing we`re missing is a monkey smoking a cigar."

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