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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Album Of The Day-We're All Gonna Die-"Go To Hell" (2003)

The Album Of The Day is "Go To Hell" by We're All Gonna Die.


"This is the fourth release by Boston's WERE ALL GONNA DIE. They’ve taken all of the best elements of metal, removed all cheese, and unleashed an album that knocks me on my ass every time I hear it. This CD is dark, heavy, and full of depth and great songwriting. It provides spectacular vocals (ranging from Ian Astbury-style wailing to earsplitting screams) and fresh, original-sounding walls of riffdom.

One thing that really impressed me was the way these guys can balance all of these elements. For example, “Afraid” is basically a brooding ballad that alternates between sparkling guitar voicings, soulful vocals and devastating metal crunch calling to mind obscure classics like MENTAL HIPPIE BLOOD or the s/t LOUDMOUTH album from 1999. The tension between the verses and the slamming chorus is downright spellbinding, and singer/guitarist Jim Healey crosses back and forth between the changes with the deftness and grace of a deadly spider.

Another track that demands mention is the closer “Twelfth Step”. The track is recorded live, and after spinning it at least a half dozen times, I’ve decided that this band is officially added to my “must-see” live list. A low, rumbling bassline that you can just feel in your chest starts things off slowly, building gradually as violent, intermittent guitar punishment creeps in and joins with Healey’s screams and wails. The bassline is prominent throughout, acting as a blank tapestry and backdrop for the full eight minutes as the guitar and voice intertwine, separate, fade, return…until it all finally ceases (then I hit the ‘repeat’ button). Fans of stuff like SUPAFUZZ or FU MANCHU need to grab this one. Fucking spectacular."

(Marchman, Peacedogman.com)

Track Listing:

01. Loss and Shame
02. And Everything Went Black
03. No Roof
04. Afraid
05. Nine Holes of Fire
06. The Things I've Forgotten
07. I'm Sick Again
08. Goodnight, Goodbye
09. Save the Bones for Me
10. Twelfth Step (Live)



Underdogma Records

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