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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bigelf "Cheat the Gallows"...Where did all the Rock Stars Go?

So where DID all the rock stars go? Did they all drown in a pool of excess or all go join Alice Cooper on the golf course? It’s not the excess that the world is missing out on.........the world does not need any more hair sprayed bands in make up, and if you need a dose of excess past you can always go revisit chapters 1-30 of “The Dirt.” Where are the huge guitar riffs over multi layered walls of sound that drive you into sensory overload? Hallucinatory hard rockers Bigelf have solved this problem with their latest released “Cheat the Gallows.” You can’t help but be swept adrift by the doomed mist of infectious melodies and chilling harmonies that collide with an otherworldly embrace of the psychedelic on “Cheat the Gallows,” the band’s debut release for Linda Perry’s Custard Records. Bigelf does not create music they craft orchestrations . Having formed in 1995 in Los Angeles Bigelf has released two albums overseas where they developed a tremendous cult status following. These releases were followed by empty promises from major labels for worldwide success. But that is the past, and the future is here. Bigelf have cheated the gallows and come out stronger for the wear. Now it’s time for the world to pay the piper at the gates of dawn…

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"Money It's Pure Evil"


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