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Monday, May 12, 2008

Album Of The Day-Zoroaster-"Dog Magic" (2007)

The Album Of The Day is "Dog Magic" by Zoroaster.


The Atlanta-based band's follow-up, Dog Magic, starts off practically thrashing with the ornery “The Book,” but there's still that tangible aspect to Zoroaster's music. Whether they amp it up or slow it to an ungodly crawl, it's fiercely oppressive. It's also a lot more expressive – there's more to Zoroaster than just the usual trappings of the genre. Actually, “intense” is probably the best way of describing Dog Magic. It's one of those sonic whallops to the side of the head. You'll never recover from it, and you better believe you'll never forget it."(Arzgarth, StonerRock.com)

Dog Magic is a full-on art move by erstwhile doom metal merchants Zoroaster. The Atlanta trio has always had an artsy, proggy edge to its Melvins-inspired sludge, but the epic Dog Magic turns the corner from slow-as-molasses thud-rock to something entirely different. The hugely long songs (half of the six tracks break the ten-minute mark) stagger back and forth between riff-heavy thrash and ominous low-register hums punctuated by Dan Scanlan's monolithic drum thwacks. But the edges of these songs are filigreed with unexpected textures like spacy sci-fi theremins and burbling vintage synthesizers, group vocal parts that sound like the indistinct chanting of shadowy, disreputable monks, and — most unexpectedly — woozy brass parts that sound like a Balkan brass band being tortured in the very bowels of Hades. In other words, rather than the cartoony venom of most contemporary metal, Zoroaster have graduated into something closer to the epic post-rock of heavy but cerebral acts like Mono and Godspeed You Black Emperor! Is there such a thing as post-metal? There may be now. (Stewart Mason, AMG)

Track Listing:

01. The Book
02. Brazen Bull (Free MP3)
03. Tualatin
04. Terminally Charged
05. Algebra of Need
06. Dog Magic

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