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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Album Of The Day-Nebula-"To The Center" (1999)

The Album Of The Day is "To The Center" by Nebula.


There's some debate as to the release date of this album on SUBPOP... as in... 'if ever'.

If the powers who are debating the issue could just sssssiitt baaack and zzzzonnnne ouuut with this album, some cushy headphones and one's refreshment of choice-choice-choice-choice-hoice-oice-ce... there would be no questions. Let everything melt away into the tracers and trails of this, one of the best rock albums since "Spine of God".

It took me a short while to understand what they were shooting for, as with the aforementioned masterpiece. Once I GOT it, I was drawn into it. The first four songs blend into a moment of brilliance... I was destroyed before I knew it. Gravity kicked in at an increased level. "Freedom" opens it all back up with a 60's jam (replete with their infamous percussion via Ruben) a la demon-Blues. "Antigone" continues with a large and filthy groove... to the STOOGES cover "I Need Somebody" which (from what I hear) has the illustrious Mark Arm of Mudhoney on vocals. Actually, the feel of the best Stooges and MC5 (and Mudhoney, for that matter) albums permeates every song on this recording. "So Low" brings me to a place somewhere between EASY RIDER and SKYNYRD. "Fields of Psilocybin" has enough tension and melody still to make or break your trip. "Between Time" and "You Mean Nothing" bring it all together with The Riffs of The Album, fuckin' brilliant solos included. The only time that production "tricks" come into play is when they space you right the fuck out. This is raw, even with the acoustic guitar overdubs. The layering serves only to create atmosphere, NOT to polish. In fact, on my first few listens, I was taken aback at what I perceived as a rather rough portrayal of a band I loved. I was worried that they hadn't taken enough time with the whole record. I now hear what made me love Nebula in the first place... emotional jams with strong riffing and NO money-driven bullshit.

In my opinion, this is the epitome of what this fuzzed out genre has become, and should be. While their contemporaries often border safely on mersh metal, this band chooses the dirt-rock approach every time. Stoned and droning, this record is a fucked up freak out, just like I like it. (Jonah Jenkins, Stoner Rock mailing list)

Track Listing:

01. "To the Center" 6:31
02. "Come Down" 2:01
03. "What You're Looking For" 2:37
04. "Clear Light" 4:29
05. "Freedom" 7:14
06. "Antigone" 2:30
07. "I Need Somebody" 4:18 (feat: Mark Arm on vocals)
08. "So Low" 3:45
09. "Synthetic Dream" 4:28
10. "Fields of Psilocybin" 2:15
11. "Between Time" 3:22
12. "You Mean Nothing" 4:21


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