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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exclusive Track Premiere: Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus - "Wind Seized"

The earthen, the primitive, the native. There's no doubt a connection between this world and another, but our technology and our mundane motions won't help you find it. Without the benefit of time or a seasoned guide, you'll trip and miss the point. If you've absorbed Sweden's Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus, you've been, at the very least, introduced to a wormhole leading to a timeless, sprawling expanse of lofted bursts of psychedelia. The patient, the timeless, the hauntingly dry-hung threads of Elefanta and Bloom interwove the heavy with the dusty swirl, promising no limit.

From JIRM's latest trippy 8-track jaunt Spirit Knife comes Wind Seized, a belted free-spirit epic of canyon-dipped vocals glazing an elevated terrace of red rocks and staggering majesty. These guitars sail only to erupt and spray a dusty terrain with gold flakes, stunning with solos, riffing and rolling with sticky cosmic hope. It's impossible to hide the beauty amid the heavy hollows as your head tilts 90ยบ and elemental variance threads spirals due North. This opus accomplishes more than simple seizure.

Small Stone needs your hovered commitment for two weeks, releasing Spirit Knife on April 29th. Just trust us, the album's balance of licks and buzzing hums is gonna drip from the corner of your mouth. But this streamer's an extended hand, an open door to a dimension you won't discover on fucking Pandora. Check it out below and drift... By the time your grip firms and you're carried home, you'll realize how fucking incredible it felt to get away.

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