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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Listener/Reader Request Playlist V1

We decided to try something different this week by asking our readers/listeners to submit a song to be included on our playlist. While the response wasn't what you would call overwhelming, there were some pretty awesome bands that submitted a song for inclusion. I was actually expecting more of a favorite song type of submission but it turned into more of a band submitting a song thing, which in my opinion is always better because I get to hear something I more than likely haven't heard before. With that being said, we have a wide variety of music for you today, some of which can only be heard right here as well as a song with a special guest and a special bonus track from another band. So as Zac and I prepare for our first annual Heavy Planet Backyard Stoner Rock BBQ we present this to you as our soundtrack to set the night on fire! Drink up and doom on!

Antero Sleeps - The Fall of Gellar Elias
Astro Baron-The Creeper
Crybaby Deathmatch-Triumph of the Wounded Animal
DoctoR DooM - The Sun
Foghound-Long After I Die (w- Dan Soren, ex-Sixty Watt Shaman)
Hibagon - Silent Assault of the Killer Diplodocus
Judd Madden - Mountain Slayer
Lightsystem-Bury the Tongue
Nymronaut - Droide
Radio Garage-Carretera
The Munsens-Lead to the Grave
The Munsens-Resinopolis (Bonus Track)
The Whorehouse Massacre - End of Mankind
Weedpecker -Sativa Landscapes
Wicked Inquisition - Brainstorm

Thank you to everyone that submitted a song. 

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