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Friday, August 9, 2013

In Case You Missed It: Rozamov - Of Gods and Flesh

If you're a regular here at Heavy Planet, you've no doubt already heard about Rozamov.  For starters, these Bostonians were featured as our "New Band to Burn One to" just over a year ago.  Then the band were cool enough to let us host the exclusive preview of the first track from their latest EP, Of Gods and Flesh prior to its release back in early July.  And…well…we figured now would be as good a time as any to remind all of you that the rest of this EP is just as sick and kick ass as you were led to believe by that little appetizer.  So if you haven't done so already, go ahead and queue that shit up and come along with us as we get obliterated one more time with Rozamov.    

Of Gods and Flesh opens with the blistering, aural devastation of "Famine" (the track we previewed back in June).  Beginning as an exercise in hardcore metal at breakneck speed, the song eventually settles into a pace we're much more familiar with around these parts, as the riffs from guitarists Matt Iacovelli and Liz Walshak slog into slow, sludgy, doom territory.  Moving along, Rozamov keep the pace sluggish and heavy on "Empty Sky" thanks to the ponderous rhythm section of bassist Tom Corino and drummer Will Hendrix, but be warned, occasional bouts of blast beats and blasphemy always seem to lurk around the corner.  

"Shadow of the Vulture" sounds as ominous as that title might imply with its discordant guitar and vocal work (credited to Iacovelli, Walshak, and Corino) that alternates from abrasive rasp to threatening cry and then combines both to create an undeniably torturous howl.  Cymbals wash over an agonized guitar solo and both do their best to drown out the pleading, but its too little to late and before you realize it, Rozamov have entered into the rumbling death march of the EP's title track.  At this point, you'll be all but pissing yourself while adorning an absurd smile.  

Of Gods and Flesh is rife with this type of chaotic sludge-core...a sound that brings me back to the days of old school Crowbar.  In fact, with equal parts hardcore intensity, languorous groove and harrowing hopelessness, perhaps its best if I sum it up using a phrase often attributed to that legendary band.  "None fucking heavier."  Can you dig that?  Yeah, you know you can.  Believe me people…you don't want to miss this one.    

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