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Thursday, August 22, 2013

EP Review - "Strauss" by Strauss

Strauss, from London UK, released their debut s/t EP back in June and it's so good there was no way I was going to let it slip by us here at Heavy Planet.

What Strauss offer on this EP are 6 chunks of storming stoner rock played with a full on old school metal attitude all slathered in a layer of sludge. Big fuzzy guitar riffs loaded with swaggering groove are aplenty here with gruffly shouted vocals sounding to me at times a little like Mr Garcia. There is a hint of punk rock in some of the songs such as the EP opener "Burning Sky" but the stoner grooves are laid on thick and heavy throughout, showing that Strauss's hearts lie with catchy fuzzed out grooves and blazing stoner rock outs.

Standouts for me are:

"Mi Casa Es Tu Casa" with an opening of tight but bendy riffs and a sleazy vocal that leads to a tearing rock lunge and boldly shouted lyrics until a thundering chug of heavy riffage rolls the track out to it's faded end.

"March Of One" which shows Strauss at their sludgiest whilst blending a triumphant stoner metal riff that unleashes a heavy rock monster armed with a sky splitting guitar lick and a demanding screaming vocal.

..and "Stop, Pause, Play" which opens with soft atmospherics, even softer words and a tumble of percussion that builds the track to a hugely pleasing explosion of metal. There is a brief pause for a gentle breath until the full force of face melting stoner riffs is unleashed, igniting and turning this track into an inferno of glorious metal.

This is a damn fine first release from Strauss and for fans of catchy stoner grooves with a dirty sludgier edge, this is essential listening.

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