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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


HEAVY PLANET presents...


Formed late 2008 in Bradford, UK. Counts of the Netherworld write songs about love, sex and death... space, beauty and bananas... heartache, cynicism and the daily grind. A lo-fi tour-de-force of strange alternative jingles and out-there space-rock.

The self-released 11 track début album from Counts of the Netherworld was released in 2012 and is available from all major digital download stores worldwide.

After the release of their début album, all focus has been on writing material for the follow up which will be recorded in 2013. Promising to be a darker, heavier, and weirder epic journey. The Last Refuge of the Complex. Coming soon...


"On their latest self-titled full-length, UK band Counts of the Netherworld take you on a weird psychedelic stoner rock journey. The album starts of with a few fuzzy little pop nuggets that would give Queens of the Stone Age a run for their money. Although it sounds like the band is still searching for their sound, their uniqueness shows within their quirky and infectious song-writing ability. Not sure why, but I hear a bit of a System of a Down/Faith No More vocal inflection on the opening track "Activation Sequence" do you? Songs like "Bananagate",  "I Am Symmetry" and the cool fuzz of  "Robotic Heel" are straight up radio-friendly stoner "pop" ditties. The band takes on a bit of an edgier sound on the second half of the album, which is apparently the band's new direction. The moody and passionate vocals standout on tracks such as "King" and "She Rules the Earth". The album is closed out by the epic 12-plus minute spacey shoegazing of "Kaleidoscope Star Destroyer". The music is well played, the songs are well sung. This album would be very cool on two-sided vinyl as the first half differs a bit from the last half. Overall, I really enjoyed the album as I found myself listening to songs repeatedly. Give this one a listen."

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  1. Ya man, this is great. Been totally into a bunch of newer bands with that QOTSA vibe lately. Great find! Also check out Oak is Keeping, which I recently found with the same QOTSA/Foo Fighters 1-2 punch.


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