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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Shakhtyor / S:t Erik

Shakhtyor: S/T 

I wish I could pronounce the name of our first 'Dose' this week... Shakhtyor (Шахтёр) is a three piece from Hamburg, Germany who found a name in the Russian term for 'miner'. A name that seems fitting for this emotive instrumental doom that packs a drill heavy enough to devour its way through the crust and into the depths of the very mantle of your mind. The tracks have a hefty run time and a heaviness in instrumental music that I only recall in early Pelican. Check out the cool propaganda-esque art and jams over at bandcamp.


Chris - Guitar 
Chrischan - Bass 
 Nils - Drums


S:t Erik: From Under The Tarn 

Yes folks, Sweden delivers again.... delivers a spacey and doom laden buzz of progressive imagery that will certainly have your mind spinning for days. Allow me to introduce to you S:t Erik and their debut release From Under The Tarn. This album was actually released back in 2009, but the crew over at Spora Recordz decided it was a good time to re-release, and I am relieved they have because what we have here is an authentic sound that meshes the somber attitude of doom with the perfect ratio of synth and psychedelics. The forty five minute run time is a fine balancing act of earth shaking bass and percussion, intergalatic synths, and poetic vocals. You can check out my favorite track Your Highness below, slightly faster paced than the rest of the album and full of that sweet comic nectar. A record in clear vinyl can be had in the form of a twleve inch gatefold set at Spora Recordz web store. For twenty dollars, thats a steal.


Erik Nordström - Bass // Vocals 
Mats Norman - Synth // Keys 
Tomas Eriksson - Guitar 
Fredrik Aspelin - Drums 
Magnus Wikmark - Guitar

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  1. Either one of these albums would bring the goods by themselves, but showcasing them both is certainly a double dose for the ages. Zac knows his stuff, as he shows time and again, week in and week out. Thanks for sharing this great music with that part of the world that knows where to find it.


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