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Monday, July 23, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: WIS(H)KEY

Heavy Planet presents...WIS(H)KEY!

Band Bio:

WIS(H)KEY is a metal band born & raised in Barcelona, Spain. 5 long-time friends united their pasion for metal & rock ‘n roll and created this monster on 2011.

WIS(H)KEY it's not your tipical 'metal’, 'crossover', ‘sludge’ band, or whatever you want to call it. This band is just an idea, a project we kept in for a long time where we wanted to mix some very different styles, that due to the most stupid of the commercial dogmas are forced to disappear... faster and faster.

This finally comes together in a mixture of Hard-Rock, Metal, Blues or Country to serve as inspiration / instigation for all ages. When dreams die, heroes become alcoholics and you still feel the need to kick the ass of the problems.

Take a bottle and get lost.

"Wis(h)key is a hard-rockin', whiskey swillin' group of dudes from Barcelona, Spain. The band's notorious sound will leave a boot print on your forehead and then drag you down an emblazened gravel road of harsh southern fried groove metal. From front porch easy rocker "Train to Pardon" to a hellbound date with the devil on "Diablo" the band shows their uncanny diversity. The sweet and sultry groove comes alive on the glorious and melodic "My Beautiful Fugitive". This album is chock full of hardened gems that reward and fulfill your need for a good southern ass-whoopin'. Throw your fist in the air as you chug along to the band's latest kick-ass single for "Words in Whiskey"."
The band has made their latest album available for free download. If you feel compelled to purchase the physical copy you may do so by going to this location.

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